10 Conversations to Have with Your Parents as an Entrepreneur

Patrick Bet-David talks about 10 Conversations to Have with Parents. Share your thoughts with Patrick Bet-David by texting 310.340.1132 or click here (

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43 Comments on “10 Conversations to Have with Your Parents as an Entrepreneur”

  1. All of what you've said. I agree with and have done. But nothing ever gets acknowledged. On one hand a wall is separating us and on the other hand I feel I wont have regrets in not trying. My guess is, such conversations are effective on parents that know how to self reflect or have acknowledge their children's success. Nonetheless thank you for your insightful videos as always. Happy New Year!

  2. Thank you soo much for wonderful content Mr. David. I have been following the channel and making sure I try to indulge in the content it offers. I literally watched this video into my new year and it was it. I will provide the link to my parent to watch, pick a time for the TALK. Wish me luck and thank you once more.

  3. Thank you a lot this is one of the best videos ever… Make more content regarding these topics with parents and how to have courage to have these conversations

  4. I've had each of these conversations with my dad a lot. I have no buffer, so I just ask straight out. My dad is the same as me, so he answers straight out. It's great! My dad has supported me in everything I've ever put my mind and effort towards. I'm determined to be a great father just like my dad for my own children.

  5. Pat how do you get rid of a fear of success , i know i could acheive great things, everytime im on the moment of doing something great that will benifit me its like i just cog out and stop myself from reaching success

  6. do i owe people education… its like that is what i dont understand i go around and what i should be cool around idiots trying to make them smarter so they get good…the thing is everyone can read but no one reads and what i must explain all the time to people that dont read …there are people that ask money for this because the time is really expensive and you know what is the worst when you try to educate a person that just doesnt listen… its painfull…that is why i stopped bothering if someone want buisiness with me come and tell me for anything else dont deal with me also i hate traitors i will tell something the next day everyone knows it so why would i share? tell me how do you work with a traitor the answer you dont.wait whistleblowers are traitors with a fancy name right ?

  7. My parents had no choice then to get in where they fit in because I put my dad to work in my lawn care service, had him out there cutting grass me and making money ??

  8. This channel pushed me into the entrepreneur world. I am so excited! I want to start my own youtube channel and document my journey into that world. I even designed my logo based on yours. (Trying to reverse engineer your success on youtube)what do you think of that Pat?

  9. Am I bad for not wanting to know more about my family and wanting to start anew ?

    I grew up relatively poor and with a mindset of "The richs are bad" and I've began to see differently reading books and watching videos such as yours Pat. I believe that I have to cross a lign because even when I ask them what they think of me joining a company in which I would have shares, they try to talk me out of it because it's not "stable".

    I'm 24, I'm working in IT, I can literally have a job everywhere. Why being SO afraid ?

  10. After watching this and reading the comments I suddenly don't feel so alone anymore in my struggles. This video is a great tool for me to move forward with my life

  11. I wonder if Patrick ever works or has any other business besides YT now that he is uploading multiple times every single day. I turned out my notifications he is almost as annoying as Cardone now that he became a master guru about every single topic on the planet…:)

  12. "after two days,they will realize that they are wrong and then they will support you…" What about they keep that opinion,bad impact on you,not supporting you at all-because they have problem with that,within themselves,with each other,with you or whatever? Better way to say,if you dont say that you support me,if you dont support me with proof ,really,in any way – then fuck off , fuck you all.

    Then go and make success.

    However,good video about complex subject…

  13. A few thoughts from a Parent of many chidren.
    I have 9 kids, 1 is in Heaven, all but 1 are adults, I have 2 Grandkids
    1- Patrick Bet-David's statement about parents "passing on fears" is intellectually dishonest and requires more debate and thought. How he presents it is just a feel good soundbite and could be dangerous.
    2- My kids know better than make demands on me unless …unless they are willing to accept mine, which I do NOT make. Relationships, like business often require reciprocity when making "demands" and "concessions".
    3-I do NOT have to tell my kids "I love them", if they don't know it, then they are fools or are looking to be artificially outraged, many parents voice the words absent the feeling ,action and conviction.
    4- My health and money are none of their business, parents need not be a burden.
    5- If my kids don't like how I interact around my Grandkids, they can keep them at their home, and I'll visit under their House Rules BUT in my home, I'm not conforming. My kids can just suck it up as we often do in Relationships and business. We need not engage in unnecessary quibbles. Note: My Grandkids visit my home regularly.
    6- My "dreams" are not my kids business nor are their mine, we are adults. Kids would certainly oppose a 75 year -old parent becoming a Porn Star on the Senior Circuit while demanding support & understanding from parents if they chose the exact same "dream"
    7- Kids are NOT truly interesting in parents values or opinions. Family History is irrelavant mots kids spend their lives admonishing parents and running from who and what they truly are and opining at "family grievances".
    8- The best thing you can do for your kids is provide a moral and fair example, teach Right from Wrong and above all teach your kids how the world really works, who to avoid and above all tech self sufficiency, especially your daughters.

  14. @Pat Would you ever consider sharing that interview with your father? I think a lot of ppl could extract a lot of value from it!


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