10 Enemies of Success

Are there enemies of success you can defend yourself from as an entrepreneur? Yes. Patrick Bet-David covers 10 of them in this video. Subscribe for weekly content. Subscribe

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49 Comments on “10 Enemies of Success”

  1. Trying to build a positive support group when most people around are depressed with the economy here in Greece is a struggle Pat.
    It just clouds your mind.
    Thanks for your vids man..

  2. Ive seen Patrick's interview videos. Im in business, these Yop 10 videos are usually very corny and predictable. This video was great and you can tell its from Patrick's or someone in business' personal experiences. Subscribed!

  3. Hey; for all of those who wants to be entrepreneurs, but have a lot of people blocking their success; you should make a video about "How to disappear for a while".

  4. I dont understand how people can give a thumbs down to an informative video like this!? You dont like the information? I dont get it. This is gold. I have learned a lot from Valuetainment. Keep the content coming guys! ???????

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