10 Rules for Dealing with Crisis

Patrick Bet-David shares the 10 Rules for Dealing with Crisis.

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31 Comments on “10 Rules for Dealing with Crisis”

  1. Wow bump up the crisis. If it's supposed to last a week make it last a day. EYE opener!! For the rest of my life, this is gonna be my reaction to crises. Thanks, Pat

  2. How do you resolve a crisis where other key people that are essential in its resolution do not have the same urgency as you?

  3. Alway adding tremendous value and putting things into perspective! I made a commitment to avoid fake news and use that time to listen to leaders like you Pat! Thanks brother and stay safe, you’ve added so much value to entrepreneur and leaders in their organizations! Looking forward to your second book 📚

  4. Will you please consider a video about examining the consequences of the USA were to use tariffs to increase the price of Oil inside North America? There are major job losses in the Energy generation sector caused by the price war started by Saudi Arabia and Russia, who can extract oil at prices lower than the USA and Canada for the next 4-5 years. The 1,5+ million people working in the Energy sector could be protected by e.g. erecting financial barriers to oil from outside North America and incentivizing energy using Solar and Wind, where the USA has of the lowest cost resources in the world. Employment in 2019 was Oil 628k, Gas 398k, Solar 248k plus 97k less than half-time, Wind 115k. Higher Oil prices in North America will also protect the USA financial sector from massive defaults of loans to the Energy Sector. Lower Oil prices will help most other countries restart their economies

  5. Evolving into one of the most productive and influential businessman in the world today! Why? Knows business, knows people, charismatic, gives back, straight shooter, eclectic interests, inspires, has an innate ability to keep his finger on the pulse of salient issues, excellent instructor. TY!

  6. So patrick do u not believe hyper inflation is coming and the economy is about to be collapsed….if so how is most of your info going to help us…food water and ammo is probably the solution this time around…i dont think there is a recovery not within 2 yrs from now and not until the new casless society is implemented

  7. the last digital marketing I was working with is a very niche agency which works just for the hospitality industry has no project to work on today because hospitality industry is in pause for some time now

  8. I think China deliberatly released this knowing they would take a beating but also knowing it would attack their geopolitical foes all at once. A perfect cover story plus they are pointing fingers at eerybody else in denial. They look like incompetents but its the best stealth attack that does not risk any military. There are no reporters in China, no foreign scientists , no stories of their military being affected while they are either quarrantining or blocking forigners access to China…perfect. The world got played. The WHO is in their back pocket. The UN toothless.

  9. Patrick often advocates cultivating skills that can make money in tough times! For example; I day trade futures for an average of $250-350 in about an hour, then I usually take the rest of the day off. This skill works in bull market AND most importantly, it works in bear markets like TODAY! Desiring to Do my part to help others, I’ve decided to share my copyrighted day trading method for FREE. It’s contained in 7 exquisite YouTube videos and on my site as well ! God bless us all and keep the world safe!….Robert from daytradingwiththelight

  10. Pat,
    Thanks a million for this video !!!💖
    You just saved my insanity, my family, and business that I built for 20 years. Everything you said, it helps me rethink, stabilize and recharged. I almost give up & let them all go.
    Thank you !!🙏🙏🙏🙏

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