10 Rules Of Hiring The Best Assistant

Looking to hire an assistant? Here are the 10 Rules Of Hiring The Best Assistant from Patrick Bet-David. Don’t forget to subscribe to to Valuetainment.

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Dear Entrepreneur,

Over the years, many of you have asked me why I create content and openly share my strategies with you. The answer is quite simple yet emotional. Simple because I believe the strategies I share can get anyone results living in any country. Emotional because I know how close I was to giving up and just being average and ordinary. How close I was to just throwing in the towel. How close I was to believing my critics that I wasn’t good enough to compete in the market place. I never thought I would wake up one day running a financial firm with nearly 10,000 agents with Oscar De La Hoya as one of my investors. I never thought I’d create a brand called “Valuetainment” that inspires millions of Entrepreneurs around the world. I never thought I would get to a point of having billionaires, politicians, influencers and celebrities on speed dial. But something changed.

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34 Comments on “10 Rules Of Hiring The Best Assistant”

  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I have been an executive assistant to C-Suite executives for 15 years. I have done all the things you mentioned and more. Finally someone understands that each of those four positions is a totally different animal.

    Great video for executives to see. My husband is an organizational psychologist and many people would be surprised to hear that this is one area that he questions the executive about. If they don’t get the right assistant, it can really hold them back. Fantastic video.

  2. Pat the first two are going to get replaced by technology in the next 5-10 years. Speech is so good now and ai can just run through a list of thousands of responses and detect is this guy pissed?, is he ready to close? etc and it will sound just like a human.

  3. Pat as usual this is a great vid. Have you ever thought about making a video of the best books to read for different subjects? I.E. best books for entrepreneurs, best books to have your kids read, best books for motivation, etc…

  4. Question. If i have no experience as an EX but know I'd preform well, do you still think I can get hired? For which type/s of companies? And is there anything besides mutli-tasking, marketing/negotiating/sales & Microsoft Word/Excel I should practice at before trying? Thank you.

  5. Literally the questions I didn’t even know how to ask! Thank you so much!! I’m a photographer. I wanna to figure out a way to use your method with editors etc.

  6. Great presentation. How about number 11: hiring someone who is able to do a ton of research, prepare a presentation and setting up a blackboard with bullets and an autocue so you can do a presentation in less than two hours instead of spending two weeks, meanwhile people thinking 'how does he do it all?.'

  7. Hi Pat, good video, I say hire people based on personality traits. So I say hire people that are smarter than you, train them, then let them run. And that goes for your assistant, can you imagine having a very smart assistant, this can make your life wonderful.

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