10 Situations You’ll Face as an Entrepreneur

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34 Comments on “10 Situations You’ll Face as an Entrepreneur”

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  2. Why is he so scared to talk about the situation in Iran I’m using him and his research and evidence to topple the supreme leader for the 95 billion in his bank account that you told us he had!

  3. I have been entrepreneur for 8 years and if you dont count couple months of bad luck and working bit more I havent had any issues described here. If you are not making enough money, you have to use all of your time on company and nothing makes sense you have just bad idea or team. And if you are getting soft when making bit more money you are not enjoying your job like you used to. For most really succesfull people it's not just about money.

  4. pat i thought being a Iranian inside ,somewhere you will talk on on the current crises your native country is facing with usa .i come n check your videos everyday may be you posted something on those lines , i m from india i got nothing to do here yet my heart goes out to people of iran , not that i dont want peace , we all do , i seen your other video where you explained iran and usa conflict . but this time after general soleimanis death things have blown out of hand . whats your take on this . how you feel , or i wonder fbi have put an surveillance on you too . i have tons of respect on what you do and you are such great inspiration , but heroes like you should take a stand and speak up . or people like me will start believing being opportunist is the best way out .

  5. I love how this video discusses very practical life issues that surround starting and running a business! I'm a new follower of this channel and I thank you for this content!

  6. PLEASE make a. video about How to Manage Stress as an Entrepreneur. I have achieved some success thanks to your teachings, but managing my mind and avoiding stress is something I have struggled a lot and I am sure a lot of people feel the same.

  7. OMG, thank you! We started our own business back in 2016. We paid off our loan and got our money back in 2 years by working super hard. A lot of what you said make sense. Specially #9. It is so hard not to be tempted. As for #10, the casual ones were some of my competitors. I'm still hungry for more! It is like a game; you just want to keep leveling up.

  8. Patrick, your channel is the best that I follow. I needed this and few other channels, but you have the best advice i needed all along my life. I plan to be an entrepreneur once done something in hand these few months.

    I came from many different channels, all are great, but after some time they get dull. This one doesn't, and it keeps enriching my personality in many ways. Thank you so much dear Patrick.

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