10 Things To Do Before Becoming An Entrepreneur

10 Things To Do Before Becoming An Entrepreneur.
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00:50 #1. Learn to Self Motivate

1:54 #2. Save, Save, Save

2:24 #3. Learn How to Sell

3:36 #4. Work for an Entrepreneur (Shadow them)

4:53 #5. Network, Build Contacts & Relationships

6:12 #6. Work 80 Hours per Week for 12-24 months

7:56 #7. Learn How to Research and Learn Fast

8:39 #8. Build an Audience

9:17 #9. Learn Your Strengths & Different Industries

12:07- #10. Put Yourself in “Death Ground” Situations

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  1. If you have a job and are preparing to be an entrepreneur, we want to hear from you. What are some steps you're taking before becoming an entrepreneur? – VT Team

  2. I love your video, and it's motivatung me to start being an entrepreneur.. Promise, I will.update you of my progress. Thank you for your valuable inputs! Hope to see.you in person ?

  3. I went to fiverr and tried getting a C# UI programmer. There are none in the USA, I then did some digging and found that most of the people on fiverr are from Pakistan and India, why is that? How can my intellectual property be protected from theft if the people are not in a place where that is enforcable? Also i noticed that Fiverr is based out of Israel. Are you getting kickbacks on this? I think you should be upfront on that.

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