10 Tips To Hiring Consultants & Lawyers As An Entrepreneur

Patrick Bet-David shares 10 Tips To Hiring Consultants & Lawyers As An Entrepreneur.

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28 Comments on “10 Tips To Hiring Consultants & Lawyers As An Entrepreneur”

  1. Would you PBD hire and give a chance for a newly establiahed consultancy service firm yourself? Because you were once before and someone who believed in your business capabilities.

  2. Hi Patrick, my name is James Jung, and I'm from South Korea. I just wanted to tell you that I will do what I can do to make South Korea get to know you better because they should. I'm getting so much from your contents and I genuinely would like to express my gratitude you for giving me the opportunities to change my life. You are the best. God bless you.

  3. The 10 questions you need to ask are:

    02:45 1) What makes you and Expert in your field?

    03:50 2) Why did you become a consultant?

    04:59 3) What is your experience with a similar company?

    05:55 4) Who is your most successful client?

    07:04 5) What’s a project where you failed?

    09:34 6) How do we measure success for you?

    10:15 7) What is your time frame?

    10:39 8) How often will we be updated on the project?

    11:36 9) Can I meet everyone involved in the project?

    14:16 10)What is your cost structure?

  4. you did it again Pat, another great video. I'm sell services and this video gives me new ideas to improve my offering. Thanks, thanks, thanks

  5. Mr. PBD, as an entrepreneur and passionate about entrepreneurial and personal development, I have to applaud you for what you unselfishly share with aspiring entrepreneurs. I have been engage in countless virtual coaching and this is by far the best channel for entrepreneurs, whether a start up, SMME or even corporate. You surely are one person in this industry who is so in alignment with your purpose, (You have a video on this) it is a great honour to share your content with my network. The one thing I admire of you and your content is not only the "What To" do, you clearly explain the "How To" with simple implementable steps, which I have realised is the biggest challenge entrepreneurs face out there. Bless you, your Family and your team. #TheGodfatherOfNetworking #TheGlobalConnector??? Ps: Would love to have you come to South Africa some time.

  6. Very few consultants can keep up with your questions for real!!
    Many can say: "keep your company's problems, I will work with someone else!"

  7. lmao i got fired a few times, each time i bounced higher, learned more and made more. now i see those fulltime lifers as dead-beats and trash just looking for a paycheck!!! anyone who hasn't gotten fired, never pushed himself out of their comfort zone and pushed to grow and take on more! don't let this guy tell you cuz someone got fired you weed them out. his full of crap and sounds good talking. the reality is no one knows who will be good or not. you just need to find people who are honest and willing to work hard. i would never do business with this guy, he sounds like a lot of trouble and stress you don't want at any price!

  8. These are fair criticisms but as a person that's worked in consulting — many of these firms have high turnover and employees leave, get a raise and move to another firm – since every project is different and when firms fail to land meaningful projects – people leave and get frustrated. It isn't as cut and dry as "X Person was Bad that's why they keep changing firms" many times consultants are put in roles where there aren't doing actual consulting but doing the actual job that the company can't fulfill (staff augmentation).

    Many advisory practices are simply bodyshops — someone lands a project and "consultants" are just there to do the monkey work.

  9. This is right on time Pat. The IT Industry especially is plagued by this. Every consultant should be prepared to answer these questions. Transparency is everything!

  10. nigga , this video is soo deep , overall , and effective , hiiiiighly effective , and it will make you look professional af . Thanks maaan !!!!!!!!! all the love from ALGERIA

  11. If you're needing HR consultants for an HRM implementation project, contact Business Executive Group out of (Plano) Dallas, TX. They do a great job with this. You can reach out to Angie directly at (214) 210-0305. They also do recruitment and HR outsourcing. Fantastic customer service ?. Love your channel, Patrick! I watch you all the time ?

  12. God bless you Patrick. I really appreciate the content you are giving us for free. I am literally addicted to valuetainment and can't help my self but to at least consume 4-6 hours per day of your precious content.

    All the best from Greece!
    John Zagorianos

  13. Im starting my SMMA and this is THE BEST video i could have watched to get me prep'd for any meeting with any organization hands down!!


  14. I customize shoes for living and planning it to be a company and a product, I recently met a consultant that proposed a free service. He said that he will provide website, marketing, it team,. These question would be great. He proposed that for the first two years the service would be free but his team and himself will take 40% cut withe every sale is that a good deal? All I do is accept orders and paint them the rest is theirs

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