10 Types of Business Models for Every Entrepreneur

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46 Comments on “10 Types of Business Models for Every Entrepreneur”

  1. Free is not a business model. It is a lose your business model.

    If you are small business raise your price make yourself excluaive and read Profit First.
    If you are an investor, buy revenue/EBITDA.

  2. Hello guys, anyone have any information,case studies and ideas they want to share with regards to the food industry? Im looking for a sales strategy, distribution channels for a plant based food company in western europe.

    Case studies, books, models or anything that can help really would be appreciated

  3. What a nice summary. Always waiting for that great content to be loaded. So engaging, diverse and informative! I really appreciate that! You are one of the true inspiration for me. I started online business a year ago when I was in a horrible situation but now I made a good life and trying to give back all my experience on my channel. Please watch my content and subscribe if you are interested about entrepreneurship.

  4. Uncle Pat thanks for your efforts, but could you please do a video on book keeping or accounting, I have issues with my business accounting

  5. Would love to see a further break down of number 9. Your truck would be a perfect example. Not too long ago you only had a handful of options that would maybe add 2-3% to the total cost of the truck. Now you can add an entire F-150 worth of options.

  6. Pat would you make a video or just reply on the concept of using multiple business models? I'm working on a startup right now, currently in initial launch, that is a tiered subscription model with freemium features as well as money from advertisers. Is this common? I know from what I said it sounds like just trying to get as much money as possible, but while I won't go into the exact logistics of the business yet, it makes sense from a business perspective to offer the multiple models.

  7. I plan on setting up a manufacturing concern, and I plan on charging 10x base material cost wholesale. One of the Industry leaders in my field uses premium pricing and overcharged the consumer so much, that they literally created an entire industry of knock-offs. My problem now isn't them, but entry into market costs, and scaling my start-up into full fledged manufacturing so I can achieve the economies of scale to make my business profitable. I'm in DFW and hope to see you soon. You know your big giant robot in your lobby; How would you like one for your desk?

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