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setting up a business isn’t just aboutknowing what to do in four of the ideas and planning on papers alone you’ll needactual forms to drive your ideas into reality and trust me a lot of time thatcomes from top rated investors thursday’s you may have to contact a lotof them before you finally meet the ones that really matter to your business I’llprovide ten methods to make it relatively easier for your company tofind find resister it can get pretty tough trying to locate the best investorfor your startup ideas for this reason I always recommend that your potentialinvestors should not only have a positive history of funding othersimilar businesses like yours but also understand your businessand if possible be actively working in the same field not to mention you needto make sure that they have the required financial prowess to meet your businessneeds unfavorable ground based on mutual agreement as opposed to going from oneindividual angel investor to another angel networks are much better in thatthey serve as group of several individual investors angel investors arewealthy people who are looking to invest in several startups you can raise fundsoffered from hundreds of such investors and a much reduced miss rate theseinvestment groups are usually working side by side with an investment firmwhich provides a large pool of funds way it works to debt you’ll need to apply toone of those angel networks facing your location and once you’ve been screenedand accepted then you’ll be able to gain access to the group and get investmentfunds and once you’re able to prove to them that you have a good knowledgeabout the industry you want to venture it and your expected returns on theirinvestment then the angel investors will be comfortable enough with releasingfunds for your start crowdfunding is a great way to grab the attention ofprospective investors for your company irrespective of your industry fieldyou’ll always find a crop on a platform that is willing to put a great deal offun in the networking stage your business startup for the Maris reasonssome of these crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are knownphilanthropists they do not expect any profit from your company after investingin it others like circle up are known asequity based platforms because they invest in your business with a certain agreat amount of returns the opportunities of realizing your goalsare better place with this option at your disposalgetting funds in the seed stage of your baby company depends on how much you’reable to rouse potential investors and that is exactly what crowdfunding sitesare for but sprout funding the cost of failure will go to 0 becausecrowdfunding has leveled the playing field for market validation before youbuild anything if you ever had to get a loan from a bank then you definitelyknow how difficult can get especially when you don’t need a certain criteriagetting funds for your business will beginMariah today these platforms can stand as investors for your company as far asyou’re willing to meet their terms and conditions which are much better thanthe banks you’ll be allowed to not only borrow but also lent to people onpeer-to-peer basis but several of those platforms emerging on a daily basis ithas only Weiss to go with me ones that have proven for the Billy so it’s not toget involved in a bind later on some of these for us a seismically prosper ondeck and Lending Club the basic idea behind bootstrapping is that you get touse your own money to start your businessit involves reinvesting the funds earned after you have slowly started yourbusiness now I know you’ve probably wondering how this is even possiblelisten there are different places that you can get the money from one of themis cash savings that is most likely the best way to do itdig into your own say wind then get started another one that you may haveheard about a lot nowadays in the walk which stands for roll over businessstartup let’s say you’ve got about $300,000to get the money from this you’ll need to pay taxes on it if you’re wonderinghow to do this especially if you’re not up to sixty years old without paying thepenalties involved easy ways to pull this off is to sock your accountant andthey’ll explain it to you all they need to do is start a 401k before you can usethis as an investment capital now one the pros bootstrapping is that you getto have a proven track record over time when you reach out to investors they’llknow that you’re serious since you put on all your life savings into thebusiness and they can easily put in funds what better way to showprofessional investors that you trust yourself enough to fund the businesswith all the risk involved with bootstrapping you get to keep moreequity and give up less later on when you ask them for moneya lot of people have issues getting investment loans from traditional banksbecause of the somewhat harsh processes involved however what will work for youwith these bankers is to meet four different criteria which includes asteady income seven hundred plus credit score equity in your home and industryexperience there are two kinds of SBA programs in America the first is calledcommunity program in which they give you up to $250,000 and the other one iscalled micro loan which allows you to get $50,000 that Center up front payabout 30% if you’re willing to take this route you should know that it’s a slowprocess and you might get frustrated if you’re not patient enough however I’veseen people take this route and it worked out very fine for themaccelerators provide a great way to grow your baby business from scratch thismethod works even better for unit where they get to meet with othercompany founders and also receive to plan mentorship and guidance fromtop-level industry investors these incubators vary but they all provide youwith a plethora of resources and tools that will get you going and eventuallyopen your own business operation you can refer to accelerators in the coachingschool for new entrepreneurs some of the benefits of getting enrolled inaccelerator programs will be access to a real office space for working gettingseed funding in the initial phase of your startup meaning with similarfounders who can help writing up your business ideas and more in order to getadmitted to these incubators you may have to do a few research on the onesthat’s closest to your resident area getting into some incubators such as YCombinator and TechStars can be really tough but the rewards are beyondimagining another point to note is that some accelerators are industry specificwhile others can work with any kind of business startups 500 startups seed campand catalyze are a few other proven accelerators I’d recommend known forshort is BC these people manage funds that have been raised from limitedpartners and then make decisions on who they give money to because they alsoneed to generate a return over a 10-year period there are thousands of visasacross the globe and they are constantly looking for goal-oriented entrepreneursjust so you know they don’t have a job without your bright ideas these arefirms that have dealt with several businesses and they have access toincredible sources contacts and networks in dealwith them you need to be aware of what they need and the specific thingsthey’re looking for most of them are looking to put in huge amount of moneyinto your business with the hope of getting over ten times returns within acertain period they want to meet with coachable CEOs and build a song teambefore you start pitching VC they should have obvious evidence that shows a levelof being established in your business if you ever look into getting investmentsfunds from these seasoned make sure that your idea is something is big becausethey only work with large businesses to get connected with VCSsearch for venture capitalists lists or best venture capitalists in your areaand you will literally find another reason method of getting investments foryour company is through known friends or relatives these people are already wellaware of your passion and business ideas and all you have to do is can list themfurther to see a reason why they can put themit’s your business you already have a solid relationship with them and so itwon’t be difficult I talk to them even though you may not be able to get allthe money you need from them starting off with investments from family membersor close friends is a good way to show other angel investors that you’re acredible person if your trust Bernie enough you should be able to get yourfriends to part way with their hard-earned money just to back up yourbusiness without even seeing any products at all I’ve even seen young usand Turner get referrals through their relatives and friends and with thisthey’re better chances at being funded however you should be careful not to getinto tight spots that may make you lose your friends make sure the line isbetween personal intimate relationships and official dealings are clearlydefined in the best way possible either in writing or in works be honest intelling them the risks involved and they shouldn’t release any amount they’re notcomfortable losing so they have numerous startup launchplatforms available online which will help provide the right connections yourcompany needs to get investment these all my startup companies will providebasic assistance for your business and also mentor you through the rewards ofthe starting phase of your business these companies will literally walk youthrough the essentials of getting your business started and provide a communityfor other starters like you they provide an efficient way of attracting the rightinvestors for you such online platforms include startup Coand Gus are constantly growing a large community of entrepreneurs and investorsalike and you should try out a few options available without having to saymuch here social networking platforms such as LinkedIn are another great wayto get connected to real time investors across the world the good thing aboutthese professional platforms is that your prospective investors do notnecessarily have to be located in your countrywith sites like LinkedIn you get to see all the achievements and interest ofthese investors and choose the right ones once you’re able to build acredible number of connects of your profile getting these investors won’t bea problem anymore apart from LinkedIn several otherprofessional social networks platforms also worth using to get investmentinclude clora defector zing and lead up getting investors heart and a bigmisconception is the more about trading and like it’s not always remember thatno matter how close you are to these investors you are not entitled to theirmoney and you’ll need to put up a good show of responsibility before you canget them to pour out their funds in your business ideas try to put yourself intheir shoes and ask yourself some realisticquestions do you never know if one big opportunity is all you get so do it withpurpose as it could mean the future of your business and entrepreneurshipcareer subscribe to analytics of life and don’t forget to press the bell iconnever miss another update for a new videos.

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