3 Books That Changed My Life – "Freeway Rick" Ross Opens Up

“Freeway” Rick Ross stops by the Valuetainment Studio in Dallas Texas with Patrick Bet-David to talk his life story and the lessons he has learned throughout his life as a drug kingpin in the late 1980’s. Follow Rick @freewayricky on Instagram.

Rick Ross: Ricky Donnell “Freeway Rick” Ross is an American author and convicted drug trafficker best known for the drug empire he established in Los Angeles, California, in the early to mid 1980s. He was sentenced to life in prison, though the sentence was shortened on appeal and Ross was released in 2009.

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35 Comments on “3 Books That Changed My Life – "Freeway Rick" Ross Opens Up”

  1. 0:51 – Because if people were self sufficient, there would be no need for politicians. Their existence rely on poverty and suffering (that's why they're so good at creating both).

  2. If a politician recommends a book, I'm going to read something else. The less we ask of them, the more we'll do for ourselves, and the better off we'll be. Why do you think the bottom 20% of communities are the way they are? Because for consecutive decades, people fell — hook, line, and sinker — for people who said, "Vote for me, I'm Mr. Fix-It!"

  3. Freeway Rick Ross @1:10 had an extremely valid point. Laws inwhich a Judge and Lawmaker creates who has never been behind bars has no right to create or enforce said laws. A judge needs to have had experienced time to give time. A doctor patient situation v. Prison and sentence is not the same. Sentencing by a judge or Lawmaker involves taking away your natural rights and liberties to life to a sentence of Involuntary Servitude and death under the 13th Amendment as slave literally. Next time let him speak. Thanks Peace.

  4. Politicians with their bureaucracies are the problem. Their only purpose is to grow government, use their status to leverage their personal gains, make the 99% of us think we are different, to divide us and take away our individual freedoms to gain more control. If they actually had solutions, they wouldn’t have a way to keep growing their bank accounts. They tell us climate change causes sea rise, yet they buy multi-million dollar beachfront properties. They tell us investigate the Billionaire coming in, but ignore the outgoing politician and their new found wealth, that started out worth nothing, while becoming a multi millionaire never holding a private-sector job in their lives.
    Politicians will always be the problem, they create the victims needed to leverage off of, depending on what some algorithm manipulated poll says.

  5. For example, if children were taught to behave in accordance with the 12 Boy Scouts of America Laws, before and while reading the books stated in this video, along with good quality/non-GMO breakfast and lunch foods, the percentage would be 98 percent of the children stated in this video. Politicians; political action committees, and corporations would become residents in the ghetto.

  6. Pat said, '' If I was living in your community . I was running with you ". He has some gangster ways in him . Those are real words coming from him . Great podcast !

  7. Probably could of found a position in politics rt. School librarys should be filled by certain selected material with book reports every week. And im just a drop out who hated most of those years. More things like auto shop and cooking. Honestly I didnt learn a thing from swimming in gym class other than co-ed was the coolest word on the planet that year.
    Senior X

  8. He mentioned people outside the community…… Actually black churches, urban league nor NAACP don't recommend reading and they DEFINITELY wouldn't recommend those three books.

  9. Glad this guy turned his life around but the damage he inflicted in destroying communities and so many lives makes me wonder why he is even given a platform like this.

  10. You need to learn how to stop interrupting the people you're interviewing. You also come off as you don't respect this man yet with your other interviewees it's obvious you do.

  11. The main problem is our criminal system isn't designed to reform people who have committed crime. Its built in a way to give you a time out and stats show, within 5 years most are back in the system because there is no reform system.

  12. I think you misunderstood the jail part. He meant go to the jail and see what it’s like. He didn’t mean actually get convicted of something and spend time in jail. Aside from that, all good points.

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