3 Movies that Changed Tom Bilyeu’s Life

Tom Bilyeu joins Patrick Bet-David to talk about his journey starting his companies, the challenges that come with entrepreneurship and the three movies that changed his life.

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12 Comments on “3 Movies that Changed Tom Bilyeu’s Life”

  1. Plz patrick help me

    My father wants me to do a job and to crack an entrance exam but I don't want a middle class income

    I started my own business few weeks ago in which I deliver shop products of customer needs at their doorsteps at very very cheap prices and I am 17 years old…… But sometimes I feel dissapointed and stressed out..
    …i have made 2 dollars out of it……. But it is really struggling….. I just want to ask you, is schooling and college really important ??
    And I also have my own YouTube channel
    Plz reply

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