3 Types of Salespeople Who Don’t Get Results

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38 Comments on “3 Types of Salespeople Who Don’t Get Results”

  1. 1:59

    Investors > Intelligence.


    Artificial Inflation.

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    We are being priced out of life because of Artificial Inflation.

    Now Invest and Inflate like you suppose to.

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  6. Seriously!? Not a very exhaustive analysis of why salespeople fail.

    I've been in sales for more than a decade, and these are not the reasons why salespeople fail.

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  8. General thoughts : I've got a theory around confidence – in moving forward and getting stuff done – from a software development, and employment (recruitment) perspective. Confidence – how confident are you to release a piece of software? How confident are you in someone's ability to deliver? The FAQs that close and lead to a sale are probably confidence builders. They build confidence in the customer that you're able to deliver, that the product has value, and that their money will be well spent serving their needs. Mixing that in with the hostage negotiator – listen to their story, understand their needs, and then sell your product to fit. Something like that. I don't currently need to sell my product (for cash); I've already sold the idea, I have people and investment in the prototype, I can confidently give a working version to anyone who wants to see it, now I need to deliver the next version of product to customers – and that's boiling down to confidence in detail – Strategy → Key Themes → Tactical Features → Individual Tasks.

  9. Introversion isn't the same thing as being shy. Introvert means that you process energy and recharge yourself during alone time. Extrovert means you gain energy from socializing and other people. While introverts are drained by others. You can be a shy extrovert and a charming charismatic introvert. Sure, many intro people seem shy to others because they need to remove themselves from being around people to recharge otherwise they can become drained and go off balance. You can control you shyness but you can't control being an intro or extrovert. And you shouldn't want to. Many people like to align themselves with whichever side they think is right but you shouldn't force yourself. You just need to learn how to manage your energy and how you interact and socialize with others.

  10. I love to sell and it's how I make my living. It's easy to sell in person, but it's hard to sell online. I'm not shy; I'm a people person. Yes, I get my share of No's but I still keep grinding. Great video!

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