4 Simple Time Blocking Tips: How To Start Time Blocking The Easy Way

Time blocking tips & hacks for entrepreneurs: Time blocking increases productivity allowing you to get more out of your day! Do you want more time in the day?

You can’t make time, however you can make the time you have work in for you instead of against you. Time blocking is the best way to take control of your day instead of it, controlling you.

Learn how to time block your schedule and completely up your productivity with these 4 time blocking tips and productivity hacks to get more done. In this video you will learn exactly how to time block your schedule and what time blocking is.

You know it’s important to create a time management plan, or daily schedule, but it can be really hard to commit to one. After all there is no way to control every aspect of your day. There are times when things just don’t go according to plan or worse, it feels like the entire world is just out to mess up your schedule.

I challenge you to put these time blocking tips to the test over the next 7 days just to see how your productivity increases. These 4 simple time blocking tips will help you get started with time blocking the right way, and insure that you begin to build a healthy long term habit.

Understanding these principles is critical as Time blocking is one of the most powerful approaches to plan your time. I just gave a talk on this topic- contact me if you’d like more info on how to time block effectively: https://youtu.be/R6j7V7LWwNM

Time management strategies are often developed for those working in a 9 to 5 environment. Time blocking works with any job, business or schedule which makes it the most powerful time management system out there. If you’ve read The ONE Thing or follow my channel, you already know I’m a big proponent of time blocking.

Time blocking is not something you can just start doing overnight. It really takes time to get the hang of it and the image above shows my plan for a random Wednesday earlier this month. In the video I show you one of my time blocked weeks so you know exactly how easy it can be.

If you find that you need to start tracking your time, Toggl’s time blocking app will let you dedicate a certain number of hours to just one task with its intuitive time tracking interface and integrated Pomodoro timer. Or you can go the free route and just use a simple spread sheet with a timer.

Watch now to learn the latest time blocking tips to get your scheduling and business under control!

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  1. Is Jason Whaling, Jehovah's Witness? His Logo looks just like the JW logo…

  2. I added a few things to my daily calendar but I never do them at the time I told myself I was gonna do it. For example, exercise at 9am never happens at 9am for me.

  3. What happens to me is 1. I never hold myself accountable, 2. My ADHD kicks in and I spend hours playing video games or staring at my smart phone.

  4. Wow, thanks, these tips are amazing! I couldn't get my head around time.blocking and I think this was exactly what I was missing.

  5. Excellent tips for making time blocking work for you. I tried time blocking in 2016, but found I was spending too much time preparing my calendar and not actually getting things done. Jason's tips helped push me over the edge so now I use time blocking in every aspect of my life. I also like using apps like getplan.co and skedpal.com to streamline the time blocking process. Skedpal's great, but not free like getplan.co, so I tend to use that.

  6. I just discovered time blocking in another video. I really like your tips on taking it a day first and considering energy levels to optimize this strategy. It brought understanding to it. Thank you and God bless you+

  7. Hi! I have been using this method for about a year and it has really helped me be more productive. I want to help implement this with my whole operations team- any tips on how to help?

  8. Smart tip to just start with 1 day a week. And the buffer is SO CRUCIAL. I also teach my clients to remember to time block time to time block (LOL) every week, AND to check it every day.

  9. Jason – great video – FYI, a great way to power-up your time blocking is by using an auto-scheduler. We delve into their pros and cons at ScheduleU.org in lots of detail.

  10. Hi Jason, tried to download your notebook and it wouldn't let me as it kept saying 'password too weak'…I was entering 15 character long passwords containing a mix of upper, lowercase, numbers and symbols so not sure how it could be weak. Also you page is not in line with the new GDPR regulations as it auto checks the opt in to recieve email blocks. Just thought I'd let you know to stop you potentially getting caught out for it:)

  11. Great time blocking tips! I’ve been doing the Pomodoro technique for awhile but always go over by a lot. I’ll begin implementing this tips today! Thanks ??

  12. Do you schedule recurring in advance, or only one day ahead? ?

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