7 Key Tips of entering Japanese market for Tech startups

The 7 Tips of entering Japanese market for tech startups. Author: Tak Miyata, General Partner at Scrum Ventures. Download from SlideShare ➞ http://adf.ly/1BLt3T

This is the deck for my presentation at Japan Society event.This is to introduce “7 Tips” of entering the Japanese market for tech startups.

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1. 7 Tips ! Tak Miyata @takmiyata ! The of entering Japanese market for tech startups
2. If Sushi is the only thing you know about Japan, it would be difficult to succeed in the Japanese market
3. Today, I talk about 7 Tips of entering the Japanese market
4. #1 : Japan is the largest mobile App market and has the highest ARPU
5. Japan is the Largest app market in the world Source : AppAnnie
6. There’s a huge chance for any mobile startups
7. i-mode, the world first mobile internet service, started in 1999.
9. #2 : TV Ad is one of the major ways to promote a mobile App
10. Others 18% WoM 19% Mobile Ad 27% TV Ad 36% TV Ad drove 11M download of the Fashion C2C App, Mercari Game News Crowd Source : MMD Research
13. #3 : People Don’t use Credit Cards for payment
16. NFC payment is popular already.
17. #4 : A Mobile Messaging App, LINE is HUGE.
18. 560M Users 170M MAU 13B Messages/Day 1.8B Stamp/Day Source : LINE Conference Tokyo 2014
19. Japanese teens communicate via Stamps, not via Text via Voice.
20. The companies can promote their products or services by providing Free stamps (200k~).
21. Taxi Delivery Payment Music
22. #5 : Large incumbents may not be a good market partner
23. eBay, an online marketplace, partnered with NEC, a tech conglomerate to enter the Japanese market in 2000, but, they ended operations in just 2 years
24. Evernote, a note-taking application, partnered with a mobile operator, NTT Docomo and gained huge success in Japan, because of a conducive partnership and perfect timing
25. Kamcord, a game video sharing application partnered with gaming companies DeNA, KLab and GungHo for the Japanese market, which make total sense.
29. No thermostat at home.
30. Tokyo has a convenience store everywhere within a 10-min walk radius
31. #7 : Work with Scrum Ventures!
32. Scrum bridges the US startup ecosystem and the Asian partners.
33. Scrum operates a collaboration office “ZenSquare” in SF.
34. Scrum helps organizing the US panel in the large Asian event “B Dash Camp” twice a year.
35. Scrum started the video media “ZenSquare TV” featuring the events, interviews and product reviews for Asian people.

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