7 Ways to Get in Front of Decision Makers as an Entrepreneur

After creating a product or service on of the biggest challenges is getting in front of a decision maker. The more powerful the person, the more challenging it will be. In this video, Patrick Bet-David shares his strategies on how to get a hold of anyone. Subscribe to Valuetainment for new uploads:

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22 Comments on “7 Ways to Get in Front of Decision Makers as an Entrepreneur”

  1. What I know for sure is that……Most people absolutely have no idea about how much's the worth of the wisdom shared in this episode. Thank you so much, Patrick. Lots of love man. Stay great & Stay Amazing.

  2. This is my first time on this channel and I had to subscribe, like, and even comment. This is awesome!
    P.S. I have never commented on a YouTube video before.

  3. That would suck if I knew her. Because that was a great idea.
    It’s really a small world. Especially in California. Everyone knows each other some way or another. Some of these tactics sound a little bit stocker-ish but I see why it would be beneficial to some. Sounds like something my ex-boyfriend would do:/
    I also can see why someone would reach out on a smaller platform to reach someone. Hmmm…… your very clever Patrick. Another great video! Thank you for your time.

  4. Couldn't be better timed man, I am trying to convert my project into an Enterprise product. Honestly I have been doing all of you said but I keep forget them.

    Now won't 🙂

  5. Goodmorning PAT BET DAVID , this content is free , the seminar to me should not be a issue , I WILL WIN MY MONEY AND INVEST IN VALUETAINMENT , PACOIMA , SPECIALIZING IN YOUTH, TRANSPORTATION…

  6. Hey Patrick, how can I create a video like that of Emilly?
    I also own an agency & I would like to upgrade the way I reach out to clients so as to get their attention & finally close them.
    What do I have to use to create a video like that of Emilly?
    Help me guys if you have any ideas on how I can make such a video & where I can that package.

  7. if you have a buyer and seller it works. being unique is bogus as all try to do that. be straight to the point and succinct. there is no one formula.
    all cant make profit. for some to win, some one else has to lose. rich means how long you can hold on to that money. money is basically circulating around.

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