8 Reasons CEOs Get Fired

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27 Comments on “8 Reasons CEOs Get Fired”

  1. Thank You, this was great, fast paced, and covered a lot of ground for anyone looking to develop their business. Was wanting to watch it later, but as soon as I started I decided this was the best way to use my time right now.

  2. Please Bet one of the worlds greatest motivational speaker Les Brown, could you please have an interview with him. Since he is not going to be with us forever as he is aging… please Bet David ?

  3. Painfully correct video Pat….I founded a health food startup back in 2008 from the proverbial basement, grew it to $20 million annual turnover on hustling and working 25/8, but…..I failed to recognize that while I was a great startup CEO – hustling/fighting/building/breaking until there actually was "a company" to talk of – I didn't have the (people) skills to take a startup from $20m to $200. In doing so I lost the trust of my team and was "invited to resign" soon after by the board. Financially the exit wasn't too bad I guess, but the reality-check was brutal 🙂

  4. Awesome video as always but please stop saying the economy is good, it is not. Just because superficially seems it is doesn't mean it is at all. Just because the car has a clean mirror doesn't mean is reliable. ?

  5. Taking control of your life is the KEY to happiness and success. We all start
    somewhere, whether that be at the bottom or with a little help. Ultimately your
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  6. Pat can you do a video about how to get a better job/more biz with someone while you have no/little experience? Just how you did with Stanley D. Wittmer. Basically how to close gap between you and experience in something . thank you!

  7. I think you are missing numbers from a segment of CEO's that happens to not be CEO any longer: CEO's of a company that goes bankrupt. How does that affect the %'s?

  8. You can apply what you learn about CEO failures as lower-level employees. The concept is getting and giving attention to areas that are valuable that should be parallel to corporate culture and corporate responsibilities. THINK BIG! STAY MOTIVATED! KEEP HUSTLING! I enjoy your content, Patrick. Thank you for the gold.

  9. The Papa John's CEO was fired because of triggered sjw crybullies. The CEO made a statement expressing negativity at Colonel Sanders' use of the n-word and people got offended at the CEO instead of Colonel Sanders.

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