21 Comments on “A Socialist Kid Explains Business Model In Socialism To An Entrepreneur, A Former Soviet Citizen-1/2”

  1. Russian influence agents, who seeded this nonsense in the American educational system, must be laughing their arses off, seeing how well it worked, crumbling such a powerful state from within.

  2. What I heard was "we want someone else to take all the risk, borrow all the money, and do all the leg work to start a successful business which I can then work for and have some control over". Sounds like he should start his own business…that what people do when they want to have that control.

  3. When a company is run by a democratic vote of employees with vast differences in intelligence, expertise, experience, temperament, vision, etc., that company is doomed to failure.

  4. So we let employees with less education/skills run the company but the owner has to take all the risk.

  5. You are a very nice, patient guy, talking to incompetent, brainwashed curd, o
    nes who had NO clue what it means to live in a socialist system, society and and what it leads to.

  6. These people are idiots, if you want profits, and if you want "democratic" control of your production, THEN TAKE THE RISK AND START A FUCKING BUSINESS, GOD DAM IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. What he is talkin about sounds horrible i would never start my own business if it would just be hijacked by the people i hire to do a job

  8. These poor brainwashed students who have never worked a day in their lives, staying in their parents homes, not paying any bills , are living in a youthful illusion that will dissipate when they get older. The one fact that they are ignoring is that everywhere in the world they have tried Socialism it has failed. Try visiting Cuba – Russia or Venezuela and then tell us what you think.

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