A Winery Built In the Adriatic Sea- Zlatan OTOK

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About Zlatan OTOK :
This was one of the most breathtaking wineries I’ve been to this year. Zlatan Otok was established in the beginning of 1986, and started selling wine in 1989. Their primary vineyards are located on the southern slopes of the island Hvar, Croatia and on Makarska vineyards below Mt Biokovo, as well as the vineyard in Šibenik which is owned by their family business Vinoline.

Zlatan Otok has achieved success in various national, international competitions and exhibitions to include: Vinovita Zagreb, Split GAST, WINE Ljubljana, Zurich, Bordeaux, Decanter, Sabatine, Nürnberg, Paris, and many, many more.

More than one hundred awards, medals and recognitions have been given to this amazing winery. This is validation of their passion, hard work, and tradition of wine making on this beautiful island.

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  1. I'm excited to introduce Jeff Bradford to the Valuetainment Team. You've seen him before on Valuetainment but we've decided to add this as a new series on VT.

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  2. You have to travel to Cali & visit my friend Ramon at Nunos Restaurant in Upland he make the best Cocktails in the World everything 100% organic and he's in world record Guinness making over 100 Cocktails on Barrel's good video ? Cheers ?

  3. Ohhh, I'm from Zagreb, Croatia ?
    It's so inspiring to see we still have people who can build their own business here, while so many young people immigrate to "western countries" like Germany, Austria, Ireland, etc.

  4. Pozdrav svima a posebno Hrvatima na najboljem kanalu na YT. Živjeli i promijenimo svijet na bolje! U zdravlje! Znam da je teško ovdje, ali ne odustajte. Ostanite i mijenjajmo Lijepu našu! Samo hrabro 😉

  5. It just isn't "perfect fit".

    Series about billionaires is great & have perfect fit. Interviews also.

    Stories about alcohol could be great, of course. It's just not the perfect fit inside channel about business solutions & entertaining.

    Too less valuable content about how each business works & how we can use it inside our businesses.

    If you can find in every alcohol different story & different business lessons, bring it to us. At the moment I feel like every video about alcohol from the series is quite the same as all the rest.

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