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We are constantly faced with ethical decisions, no matter what organisations we join. The ethical choices we make determine the health of our businesses, schools, government agencies, religious congregations, charities, and other institutions. Our ethical decisions also determine our career success or failure. Bestselling author, Craig E. Johnson, shows how we can develop our ethical competence, just as we develop our abilities to manage or oversee operations. Every chapter of Organizational Ethics provides you with opportunities to apply ethical principles and practices in a variety of settings through self-reflection, analyses, projects, and discussion. Written in a reader-friendly style, each part of the book is layered around organisational behaviour. The parts introduce moral theories used in ethical problem-solving; examines individual motivations; looks at the ethical dilemmas of groups, teams, and leaders as well as offers strategies for creating ethical cultures and promoting social responsibility. This book shows how you can develop your ethical expertise and provides opportunities to practice problem-solving to defend your decisions. NEW TO THIS EDITION *Additional self-assessments and updated case studies foster skill development and ground the theories introduced in the text. *New cases featuring Sea World, Rolling Stone, and other organizations illustrate relevant application of the principles of organizstional ethics. *A new chapter focused exclusively on ethics and global diversity provides the tools and strategies necessary for creating ethical global citizens. *Extended material on corporate social responsibility further promotes organisational citizenship. *The incorporation of emotion into ethical decision making examines the impact emotion has on moral deliberation and behaviour. *New and updated coverage of key topics such as Aristotelian ethics, proactive influence tactics, apology, financial fraud, and cosmopolitanism illustrates relevant a

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