Accessible Startup Funding for your Social Business

Really if you think about it, thetraditional model of entrepreneurship is to get a big whack of money and startsomething with this really high risk.

And when you're working class that's notwithin your means at all, because going into a bank: that whole set up is notreally set up for lower income people.

We have a very close value alignedpartnership with Vancity.

Even if you don't have great credit or have an uncomfortable relationship with money, your social capital, so your reputation, yourvolunteer work, the work you've already put into your business, counts along withyour financial history.

It makes it possible for students that might not have a big whack of money right off the top to actually participate.

It really takes away that barrier.

Vancity will give you a microloan to cover tuition costs, that are already subsidized by Groundswell, to manage your cash flow over the course ofthe program.

We want to make sure that when you take it, it's safe for you.

If we can testify that you're focused, and you're in right place in life andyou put the right effort.

It makes it possible for people like me to apply for financing for my business.

Source: Youtube