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  1. I really liked the idea of BFTB!! One quick question though: Since you measuring in BFTB and also measuring the first interaction against the items on that sprint, how can you quantify individual completion during that cycle? Meaning, how can you produce the Burndown chart if the measure is not put in days… just got that one confusion on my mind.

    But again, excelent way to measure value and time together to prioritize with both IT and business side.

  2. That was truly awesome. I had difficulty understanding story points and used ideal hours. Your video cleared it up for me. Thanks. Great work Mr. Griffiths.

  3. I really love this presentation, both what it shows, as well as the presentation method. I am already looking forward to having a bunch of stakeholders playing value poker with me – I believe they will be hestitant but absolutely understand what it is good for after having done it.

  4. Is this the only form of Scaled Agile or are there other forms? Thank you Process Geekoid, SFC, SMC, LSSGB, PMP

  5. Wait!
    Is it me only or somebody can explain how and why we are dividing 55 by 21?

    Story points (55) are estimated by the devs, as Mr. David put puts it, OK , I get it.
    Now, he is bring the customer into the sequence who would be 'Valuing' the WHAT? The Story points?

    @ minute 5:15, he flips the Story points as Value points and , where does he get Story point 21 to divide 55?

    What's the FORMULA ?

  6. I noticed that when determining story points, the values were 0-55. However, when determining value points, the values were 0-144. I know these values are decided by two different groups of people, but let's say I'm determining both values for a self project. Do you get a more accurate BFTB value by making your value point scale larger than your story point scale? Or should they be the same?

  7. You are superb! This is what i was looking for…
    can you please also let me know if we can follow the same process in JIRA as well.

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