Android Web View Tutorial – A simple web browser

Build a simple web browser for Android using WebView. This tutorial is based on “Hello Web View” tutorial from Google. You can find it at

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  1. How will this app work offline? Can I still navigate within the app offline using web view? If I tried to navigate in the browser offline I get numerous errors/

  2. this tutorial is very good its really help me . keep going my friend … we need you …

  3. Thank you for your awesome stuff. I can make my first webview . 
    Thanks again from Korea. 

  4. It's weird because this method just makes the "complete action using" window appear… it doesn't load the page.

  5. I have this code and working but i can not put code to check internet
    I wont check internet if available the app go to my URL if not show me message "not internet available" … help me

  6. hey I have a problem where it says ( eclipse keeps saying webview cannot be resolved or is not a field then I have the option of making it a field or constant of type id which do I choose?

  7. Hi…can we use the WebViewClient to show the fileChooser? How can I do this??

    Thanks in advise.

  8. Hello Son Pham.. nice tutorial btw… just need to ask u something.. if u develop this kind of apps… how about energy usage? can we specific the energy usage of this mobile apps?

  9. Thank you! very helpfull and informative, now that i know how to do this i can just make all my apps work via the web! 🙂 THANK YOU MAN!

  10. Hey, nice tutorial, but I have a error
    [2013-08-28 18:23:39 – MCDAPP] was modified manually! Reverting to generated version!

    I´am a Java beginner and I dont know whats the problem

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