Arnold Schwarzenegger 2019 – The speech that broke the internet – Motivational & Inspiring

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Arnold Schwarzenegger broke the internet with this motivational & inspirational speech. Arnold talked about the six rules about success and what people need to focus on in order to succeed. If you feel like quitting or giving up, this speech will make you rethink your perspective. Schwarzenegger says you have to work hard in order to get to your goals because there are no shortcuts to success. It is a long and hard road that you need to travel in order to achieve your dreams.

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26 Comments on “Arnold Schwarzenegger 2019 – The speech that broke the internet – Motivational & Inspiring”

  1. His last speech touched my heart fail and get up its inspire me, I'm in lesser state fail and down and afraid about plan 2 about what they will say again if I fail again now thinking to do my task again until my win …. thank you so much this speaker for his heart touching speech.

  2. Arnie's speech is great and from someone who's been successful and is eager to share his attitude and philosophy on success. But this video is crap. They ruined it my turning it into some pre-processed slideshow with the most typically boring and depressing music. I wish I could block channels like Alpha Leaders from everything I see on YouTube. Who the hell needs anyone or anything that turns real insight into a pretentious mishmash?

  3. Alright. I've had enough of this fucking music. 10 minutes in and it's just not worth the fucking music when I think I get what Arnie's saying. Fuck you, Alpha Leaders, but being so stupid and lazy that you ruined something worthwhile with your incompetence. Just fuck you.

  4. When this man is gone. The world will be missing a piece that will never be filled again. He cannot be replaced because he is one of the most special people i have ever seen. He became the youngest Mr. Universe, the Governor of California, and an unforgettable actor. He is one of the many people in history that will leave a mark. His dream was to do the impossible. But i think it was more than that. I think his dream was to spread the faith that the only people that can make dreams come true are those people themselves. Arnold may be a person. But to me he is a sign. A sign that the world is only as good as we make it.

  5. He just gets better and better. None of that empty motivational crap we all had to suffer through in the 80s, but an honest assessment of the truth. Everybody fails, the winners keep getting back up. You're only finished when you can no longer find the strength to get up. I love the Navy SEALs attitude, "I will keep on fighting until I win,or I die". There's nothing in between. Arnie – a life well lived.

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