Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda (Study Notes)

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29 Comments on “Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda (Study Notes)”

  1. What the fuck do you guys really believe in this imbecility. I hv red this book n I find it full of false claims, Concocted stories of self glorification. Its fiction not reality my friend.

  2. I got halfway through this book some years ago and never finished it. Will have to get back to it. A lot of the principles in it that I recall seem to make more sense now that I have been a student in the Drukama meditation school.

  3. I am blessed when ever I am reading this book I am feeling slowly realizing and realiting closely with truth feeling simply connecting steelness and calm that making me to look myself amazing not hard to explain but feeling is more powerful and understandable to attend with bless unbliveble ?

  4. Good work but have a problem with repeated praising of Steve Jobs or any one for that matter. . Still thank you for you have contributed, it's been very helpfull.

  5. yes, Master said environment is stronger than willpower. Just as a side note.. Master also foresaw his teachings reaching millions in future. "I have Seen it!" he exclaimed. I smile to think how very satisfied he must feel to have so apt a vessel as you Joseph. I think your contribution to our generation is a truly amazing gift. His love in motion

  6. So after I listened to the study notes, I had to go and buy the book. I didn't want the digital version. I wanted to feel and smell the pages! Went to Books a Million they had only one left! I could feel the positive energy right when I first touched it. No joke. Can't wait to finish the book and listen to the study notes again. ??

  7. LSD also changed Steve’s jobs life, if you want a glimpse of what enlightenment is just take LSD and investigate the self. If you think LSD is just some drug well, I feel sorry for you.

  8. Just like to add something in context to love for divine and to experience love from all or love for all. Once you generate love for divine you will attract love from all. All is divine. Divine is all! In other words all is awareness. Awareness is all! The moment you start practicing love for all, you connect to your higher being. Acts of jealously, anger, despair, worry will dissappear. In a nutshell self realization is to have the understanding that all is you. If you hate someone it indirectly reflects on you one way or another. That's why it's always said "Free will doesn't exist" for ones who are connected to the source, its just our will and what we understand of ourselves is what reflects in the outer world!

  9. Just finished reading this book and it has also been one of the most beneficial books I have ever read. Thank you for your excellent service to others through these videos.

  10. Only those destined to read this book will read it. Not all.
    I gave a Tamil version of this book to my mom to read more than 4 years ago. She has not gone beyond first 15 or 20 pages!

  11. Steve Jobs only got material success. That is not the intention of the author of this book. Paramahamsa Yogananda intended this book to motivate its readers to walk on the path of self-realization!

  12. Also the title and initial Image are misleading. Jobs was also a cold and greedy manipulative tyrant. Yogananda and Jobs comparatively is a bit much.

  13. OK @Joseph Rodriguez. I have some ideas, desires of ways to express creativity and inspire others and create a passive income and live a life of freedom and creativity. However, I need a divine provision, leg up just to get started. Something for nothing, if you like. I'm in debt and in a low paid, dead end job with long, restrictive hours. I'm trapped by the belief that I don't have the time or financial resources to even develop the skills required. I immerse myself in Neville Goddard, Joseph Murphy, et al and my home has affirmations plastered everywhere and listen to affirmations on loop. I meditate daily and just this morning received my copy of autobiography of a yogi.

    Am I fooling myself to believe in a divine helping hand to get me out of this rut? It seems the more I try to visualise and seed, the more things seem to be going in the opposite direction to that which I desire. Anyone else got any ideas? Thank you. ?

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