Become A Master Communicator with Vanessa Van Edwards | Chase Jarvis LIVE

Vanessa is absolutely amazing at unpacking what makes people do the things they do and turning that into proven, actionable techniques for others to hone their own people skills. You’ve heard me talk many times about the critical importance of soft skills in building a successful career as a creator, and Vanessa is THE authority on this mega-important topic.

If you like what you hear in this show then I highly, highly recommend her classes on CreativeLive: Master Your People Skills, The Power Of Negotiation and The Power Of Body Language —

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17 Comments on “Become A Master Communicator with Vanessa Van Edwards | Chase Jarvis LIVE”

  1. Hey guys, if you want more tips & tactics around people skills and emotional intelligence, Vanessa has a great class on negotiation coming up. RSVP and watch for free tomorrow 9AM.

  2. Not tech savvy? I find that a bit hard to believe. Otherwise great thoughts and of course ALL THAT Research!!!!!

  3. Thank you very much Mr Jarvis, the authenticity spiced with passion of your discussion was inspiring.

  4. at 52:28 – guys who like sports and football never liked me and never found me attractive, if i were to even attempt to talk to any sport guy they'd laugh in my face and ignore me, even moreso in college than now, but this still happens from time to time even now in my 30s. i couldn't imagine ever having to talk to anyone about football because the guys who are into me aren't NFL fan types.

  5. recreating the contempt emotion felt SO foreign in my face. Does that mean I don't feel contempt?

  6. I can associate with the conclusions Vanessa brings to the table regarding how each os us chooses their careers or areas of interest. Very enlightening! Great interview!

  7. this describes amago therapy. we seek out things and people in our lives to "fix" what we didn't get in early childhood

  8. I would love to learn a lot of the knowledge this lady has, but she is not somebody I would ever want to see in person. As smart as she is you no she is going to be looking you over and judging everything she finds wrong with you. Way to much stress to be around

  9. Good vid, y'all. Good energy. I notice the ratings: Thousands of thumbs up, 36 thumbs down. Ha!…That smart girl lookin' good, too.

  10. I cant love Vanessa enough, been following her for months now. Oh that was creepy sorry. AND now I also love Chase. I do…but not in a creepy way.

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