Become a WordPress Developer: Unlocking Power with Code

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0:0:14 Quick Overview
0:2:06 Detailed Overview
0:12:05 Installing WordPress Locally
0:25:35 First Taste of PHP
0:41:55 Create Theme
0:54:20 Functions
1:09:14 Arrays
1:21:43 The Loop
1:36:10 Header & Footer
1:54:44 Convert HTML/CSS Into Theme
2:14:42 Interior Page Template
2:32:28 Parent / Child Pages
2:49:16 When do we need to echo?
2:58:17 Children Links Menu

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11 Comments on “Become a WordPress Developer: Unlocking Power with Code”

  1. Have not enough money to buy this course. But really this couse help me to develop wordpress. and waitting for the next upload. Thank you sir, and hope that you will upload soon next videos 🙂

  2. I've been watching tutorials for different coding languages and other similar stuff for three years now.
    Without a joke, it's the first time, that I didn't have any second of boredom during a video. You explained everything very well and still interestingly enough, so that I'm not bored, even though I know a lot of the stuff you explained! It's even the first time in a while I had fun watching a video like that! Nice vid! 😀 +1 sub

  3. I just discover your tutorial, is amazing. Thank you so much for it, I'm learning so much.

  4. Something that could be useful to add also to this playlist is how to create a slide show of the recent post, setting up a ‘Home’ featured content slider, or some like that! I'd be glad for that!

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