Become a WordPress Web Developer | From Beginner to Pro

How can I become a web developer in 2017?

I’ve received this question multiple times on this channel and so here is my attempt at answering it.

Becoming a web developer/web designer is a great way to earn a higher salary, to work for yourself and to obtain a location independent lifestyle; a lifestyle that allows you to live and work from wherever you want.

In this video, I break down how you too can become a full stack WordPress developer who can write both front end and back end code.

Not only that but you should be able to achieve this in 6 months or less.

I recommend a total of 2 online video courses and 8 web development books.

My recommended books and courses are as follows:

1. Photoshop CC Essential Training and Photoshop CC for Web Design ⇢

2. Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery Set by Jon Duckett ⇢

3. Jump Start Bootstrap: Get Up to Speed With Bootstrap in a Weekend by Syed Fazle Rahman ⇢

4. PHP and MySQL Web Development: A Beginner’s Guide by Marty Matthews ⇢

Alternative: Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript: With jQuery, CSS & HTML5 by Robin Nixon ⇢

6. WordPress for Beginners 2017: A Visual Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering WordPress by Dr. Andy Williams ⇢

Alternative: WordPress Beginners Guide ⇢

7. Professional WordPress: Design and Development by Brad Williams ⇢

8. PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice by Matt Zandstra ⇢

9. Professional WordPress Plugin Development by Brad Williams ⇢

Not sure if web development is for you? Try out Treehouse for free:

Additional Resources:

PHP Web Services: APIs for the Modern Web by Lorna Jane Mitchell ⇢

Pro Git by Scott Chacon ⇢

SASS Tutorials ⇢

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23 Comments on “Become a WordPress Web Developer | From Beginner to Pro”

  1. I haven't watched the full video yet but I have a question. Can I still freelance without theme development? Can I just use themes from wordpress? I'm not that good with designing from scratch but I can build good websites using Elementor and its ready made themes.

  2. hi i've been trying to learn wordpress and become a freelance developer for quite some time, but always stopped because i really did not know what to do. anyone wanna share their workflow with me? do people just edit themes? thanks!

  3. You were really in your “wheelhouse” with this video! I just added the books to my Amazon shopping cart, and the total was just $229.98 – a bargain for the potential of where it could take me.
    Thanks for sharing and giving an easy-to-follow roadmap for those of us who might be interested in this. 😉

  4. Hi Brett. Thanks a lot for your videos, they are very useful. Regarding the HTML & CSS book from Jon Duckett that you recommend, is not it a bit outdated? I have noticed that the book is from 2011 and there are negative comments in Amazon complaining about the book being outdated. Regards.

  5. informative and motivational . . . following this road map (with a few additions) . . . cheers

  6. what a great video it gives me an enough information and motivation to start this journey 🙂 thumbs up for sure

  7. Why would anyone dislike this?? Seriously, the amount of knowledge and advice here is unreal. Thanks for the great content ?

  8. i think it would be good for me if i could offer wp skills.. there is a lot of demand for that.. and currently im trying to bootstrap my freelancing..
    so could you recommend for a php online free tutorial for an c# programmer?
    witch php ide is your favorite? is it better than visual studio for php?
    does wp dev also expected to do the graphics design?


  9. One last question… are the books you recommended still viable or do you suggest any newer ones? Thank you.

  10. I have a BS in Computer Science and a Master in Library Science but looking to change career direction and think being a Stack Developer is the right choice. I have extensive experience in the front end of WP and a little back end. Thank you so much for a clear explanation of where I need to tighten up my skills. Do you think I could still start a WP development business while still learning the back end stuff?

  11. I don't like using CMS and I don't really want too, but I just want to learn WordPress so I know how to use it so I can at least say I know WordPress, I have learnt Drupal

  12. You said you can start freelancing after you know how to do WP Theme Development. How much can you charge as a beginner doing that?

  13. Hey Brett! Awesome advice here. This was very indepth. Any advice on if I were to start a web dev career around a business model where I host website for clients for a recurring amount?
    Also any advice finding clients?
    How much should I charge?
    How do I scale?

    Thanks in advance!

  14. Go for Affinity Photo instead of Photoshop. It's the best alternative and is compatible with PSDs. No need to deal with subscriptions unlike Adobe suites. One time payment and costs less than $50. You'll get all updates for free after purchase.

  15. I’m with you with book ? learning however some books are plagued with errors. Secondly, seeing someone execute the code is better than seeing the coding already executed through a screen shot

  16. I know html, CSS, Basic JavaScript(loops, scope, null vs undefined, parseInt), Host Gator and dabbled in Photoshop.

    Can I find a job at this point?

    I need money badly.

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