Best Friend or Worst Enemy?

Motivation Monday by Patrick Bet-David. In this episode Patrick breaks down a message about time and whether it can be your friend or enemy. Subscribe for weekly updates

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46 Comments on “Best Friend or Worst Enemy?”

  1. Ideology of money, never ending up-trends, a rat race. Yes it works, it brings you results but look around how messed the world is just because of this ideology. As Putin said liberalism is going down. Time to change. Not for the first time in a human history so no need to resist. Game over. Finance is the biggest enemy here. Time is time. Paralel world of finance is a mess.

  2. I confess, I am not hardworking and I have been probably the biggest enemy of time but regardless of my circumstances and my destructive habits (which I am changing), I am never quitting and I am never giving up, I am always getting back up, starting from scratch no matter how hard, how long it may seem (I am talking about things started years ago, abandoned and again working on them from scratch, no regrets).

    Honestly if you can't confront yourself, if you can't be brutally honest with yourself and if you are not even willing to go out of your comfort zone to where you need to be, you will struggle to succeed.

    Frankly, I have to change myself first for the better before I see a positive change in my life.

    If you feel like me (hope you don't), please don't give up and never quit because if you do, everything you did to succeed will go to waste and die away. You cannot let that happen. You must work again and again to get what you want, I will and so should you.

    You are not alone in your struggle but you are the only one who will be responsible for your success.


    Hope I get to see a better version of you.

  3. I have met very few hard-working latinos and I have worked with a lot of them from almost all Spanish speaking countries. Those who are really hard-working have mostly european roots.

  4. I don't like to say I'm a hard worker. I think we should have the right to be lazy. But we don't so much on western cultures.

    I prefer to maximize happiness instead of hours of work.

  5. Working your life away, especially for a corporation isn't worth it. Working for yourself, for something you value is worth it. The problem, the quest is finding that career, job, passion that you're willing to put time and effort into. Then it really isn't work, it's passion. Me. I've worked a lot of long hours on the treadmill, re-educated myself, changed careers and I'm still on the treadmill. Now, I'm tired, cynical, non-motivated and looking to experience life off the treadmill and find my passion. Passion doesn't always = $$$

  6. How much do the most successful people work, not just measured financially
    – but also in relationships(romantic, friends), health(mental, emotional physical) (in all 12 categories of life)? I got to work on everything together – 10-12h a day/7 days per week ideally I would guess.

  7. I am 35, never sold even a pencil in my life, been an employee throughout, now planning on starting a business. You keep me motivated n grounded at the same time.

  8. Hey Pat,
    Could you please do a time management video?
    It would really help the ones who work 60+ hours a week and for younger people. (I'm 18)

  9. The idea is to make time your ally not your enemy. I dares that makes time your ally is inventing something a book a new useful app. You created and it works for you 24 hours a day

  10. Loved this vid. It's funny I just got a job where 12 to 14 a day 6 days a week is the norm. The money is crazy good for my line of work I pay the price now I will get to chill later.

  11. Ok …. No doubt extensive, devoted time to your career is crucial for big wins / success. However, I lost two marriages to that very lifestyle. Gotta have some balance in this one-and-only, and so-short life. Just sayin ….

  12. "Hard work" has nothing to do with how many hours per week one works. Some people are smart, some are not, some multitask, some are more focused, some sell, some manage, some care for others, some care for themselves. Anyone can have stamina and endurance if the tasks are laid out before him. Therefore, the true test of hard work is how much inventiveness–how much above-and-beyond the assigned task-flow one assumes. IMHO.

  13. Amazing video! People really need to understand that time is not on our side, so we must make the most of it. That is why I do all the things that I do and that's what really inspired me to start my own channel TheDailyMotiv8r. Great stuff Pat, I appreciate all of your videos. Thank you

  14. Cat vids , nailed it. Im 26 years in the game now and have started to slow it down as the long term hard workers are all having heart attacks in there 40's , mabey a vid on 10 signs its time to slow up …………a bit

  15. I struggled a lot at first, working 12 hour days, 30 days straight. But I saved for my goal of self-employment, my freedom. At 32 I quit, went bust, went backward in great pain, but I kept on, and 18 months later I was on my own again. I went bust. I stopped doing anything for 6 months except being a husband. Then I told my wife I was going back into business with our savings of $200, I had failed with $50,000 before. I told her this was my last try but I was lying to myself. I could never quit seeking freedom, financially and otherwise. I was more serious than I had ever been when single. Three months later I had $15K. I paid off our car loan of $12K, making it harder to parlay my win but I had proven to myself I had what it took to be a pro poker player. I went on to succeed, but I went bust two more times, borrowing each time and making big comebacks. I retired in 2009 after 50 years of ups/downs, but I was my own boss for most of my life and that allowed me lots of free time to read philosophy, politics, and about many other interests. My younger wife will inherit enough that she will never have to work.

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