Brexit- Global Market Crash Pending

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33 Comments on “Brexit- Global Market Crash Pending”

  1. MLM scammer pretending to be financial wizard gets half his shit wrong
    The control of coal and steel is not separate from the peace motive. Wars are powered by coal and steel. Speaking loudly and flailing your arms about is not a good substitute for knowledge. Phew lad. Should have read that Wikipedia article again.

  2. He missed one big point: nationalism vs globalism. Today, nationalism is government for, by, of the people; globalism: elite everywhere serve their own interest and screw the common folks.

  3. Other issues not covered include resources and regulation… the rest of Europe can come in and fish out the best spots in UK waters. Regulations include things like… if a fishing boat is regulated to catch one type of edible fish, but also you're going to catch some other fish… those other fish must be thrown back, DEAD… so if you're not running a permit to catch Cod, you'll still catch tons of Cod, they'll die before they are sorted, and then the dead Cod must be wasted. So many EU regulations are like this in some fashion. Red tape that makes no sense at all and just wastes resources. UK is like the "rich guy" in a socialist program, EU is bleeding it dry.

  4. The hidden hand here is America. They are desperate to break up the EU as they find themselves irrelevant to countries that actually care about their workers and social conditions. If people in the UK think evil American capitalism, a system that profits from not giving their people affordable health care, is coming to our rescue, dream on. Workers rights will be decimated and any protection we enjoy under the EU will be destroyed by heartless American profiteers. The politicians who are fighting hard for Brexit are the very people who will directly profit from its chaos and are manoeuvring themselves at the feeding trough to personally enrich themselves. Their trips to America at the height of the Brexit campaign are very revealing.The meetings with Trump and Bolton and even Pompeo, a hat trick of criminals, show where they think they're back up is coming from if they crash out of the EU with no deal. This is the most self serving, self interested and lying group of Tories that have ever been unleashed on the British public. The only upside is that the Scots and the Irish will have no option but to seek independence. Every cloud has a silver lining.

  5. England and America both wants India now to become their partner coz of bully bad communist shit china! And India loves all country loyally Fair Trade from biggest Democracy in the world India!

  6. The 350 million is a big fat lie… what we contribute to EU is nothing compared to what we get back from the EU! I live in London… lov ur show…

  7. The stupidity of the English. There are a union themselves. Are they going to let Scotland, Wales, and N Ireland go if they want to Brexit.

  8. One very ironic fact will soon be in play. For years one of the lies that the Leave campaign has branded about is that the EU has been paying grants to encourage companies to relocate from the UK to other EU countries. While this is both illegal and against the core reasons for the EU the Leave campaign has continued to make the claim. The irony? if Johnson and the Breiteers get their way and the UK leaves the EU at midnight on October 31st at precisely one second past midnight on November 1st then grants will be available to EU companies to get them to move their operations from the UK to another EU country.
    So for example the EU has said tha there will be job losses in both the EU and UK if the UK leaves without a deal. Now BMW currently makes the Mini in the UK the cost to BMW of making their workers in the UK redundant would be about twenty four weeks pay for those employed in the plant since BMW bought the Rover Group in the mid 1990's. To make their German workers redundant under German law would cost them one years pay per worker. In other words it is much cheaper to sack their UK workers than their German workers. BMW currently owns not only Mini but also Rolls Royce.
    So the very lie that the Brexiteers and right wing media have been telling for years could well come back and kick them in the butt.

  9. You have to be able to walk away from a negotiation if you want a good deal. It's not in the EU's interest to show other member states that they can leave easily, and since 75% of MP's voted remain, they're sandbagging negotiations

  10. You have not really analysed the reasons for Brexit at all. The fact is, the US sub prime mortgage crash led to a recession in UK and 10 years of austerity that has led to stagnant wage growth and drastic cuts in services whether in the police, national health service or social services. The impact has been akin to Nazi Germany's treatment of jews where everything is blamed on the immigrant by a defensive right wing government and media. So in the eyes of Brexit voters, it has nothing to do with UK standing on its own two feet because they are too thick to understand the nuances of what Brexit will mean for them, their vote was simply based on ignorance, nationalism and racism. Unfortunately, those that voted Brexit – the suffering yet manipulated working classes, will see zero benefit and get slammed the hardest. Let's see how proud to be British they are when their jobs and wages disappear altogether and have to rely on food banks or the benefits system they've spent a decade accusing immigrants of profiting from.

  11. He missed a major point on Andrew Yang's UBI policy in another video, and this video seems to have trivialized a profoundly complex issue. Yet, we are led to believe his expertise and subscribe to his conclusion. (Exhibit A & B: # of subscribers and thumbs up!)
    I know in a short time of this video, it is impossible to delineate all the points, but that is why his conclusion could be construed as disinformation.
    So, like the title of this channel, it is value"TAINMENT," with heavy emphasis on entertainment. At least viewers get a very general knowledge of the issue, but beware of jumping to "HIS" conclusion!
    Some other people commented that he runs a pyramid scheme, (PHP Agency?). I don't have enough info to be convinced, but somehow, I am not surprised, either.

  12. I've always thought this guy was a complete spoofer and this video confirms it. He hasn't a clue what he's talking about. He's just a salesman who talks a lot while saying very little. I watched his video on "How to earn a $1,000,000 income", and it was full of such meaningless jargon, it was laughable. The main aim of his videos is to promote himself and his own business. He loves showing off his fancy cars and houses etc.

  13. In my opinion, Brexit is not a great idea, the reason why because it will fragment the European union into smaller countries when the UK
    leaves european union. It will cause a domino effect across Europe where other separatist movements like Catalan republic a Spanish movement to remove the Catalonia region form Spain. The main reason European union was created in first place is to keep Germany in check to stop Germany militarism no when you remove Britain I will give Germany more freedom in increase their military spending start becoming military power in that region rather than economic power.i believe in the future there will world war 3 this will happen 10-15 years from now. This why I say that the migrant crisis was alcatrated by the western government like us, Germany and turkey bring nationalist political movements, for example, afd alternative for dushland in Germany, Sweden democrats in Sweden, golden dawn in Greece and lastly nationalist front-run Marion le pen who can second last french election.
    when these party get in power expecally in germany it cause miltarziation of european union which eventuly cause World War 3.

  14. Pfft. London is #1 lol. They let you take the spot light, that’s all. Cause when the poo poo really hits the fan, who you think will be blamed… As soon as the US is finished with, the NON AMERICAN banking masters will turn off the credit taps… And the ‘capital’ of New York will be like the smartest kid, in the special class, as everything rooted their implodes and everything else follows the money back home and slowly starts to feel out the new figurehead to operate from behind.

  15. The question is not ‘who’ but ‘why’
    And the intuitive answer is fairly simple. To isolate the ruling class of Britain from the implications of the global institutional collapse and restructuring. The British, a faction of the jewish and the canon related faction of the Romans will deliberately destabilise the competing strongholds of wealth and power to facilitate their own interests and establishment at the ‘head of the table’ of the newly established order, ie; the previous global conquest and strategic manipulation of foreign nations will be cashed in on. (And it will appear to be the fault of Murica…lol. Ahh, the sweet tang of ironic justice. My country is just as screwed though, along with Africa and a large portion of Asia, so the feeling is bitter sweet…)

    On the plus side, (not from a personal perspective but from a species collective perspective.) the population problem is in order for a major correction. I BET you that some of the viruses, and GM factors relating to the control of the viruses/pathogens ‘OWNED’ BY THE MOST ELITE sectors of the elite class of society (look at who has the patents for the Zika Virus for eg…) will become endemic in the struggling nations who are inconveniently situated of certain resource rich regions of the Earth. Ie; South America, Australia, many parts of Africa (new super strain of Ebola ring a bell?) New Calidonia/Papua New Guinea, Greenland…etc etc. Oil rich Nations will be overturned to have their reserves secured for international transport sectors and the resource resource acquisition/processing industries. (I see NO slowing down of ‘Carbon emissions’ even forecasted into BHP, RIO TINTO, BECHTEL etc etc long range outlook. With the exception of large scale automation of the industry and a dogged pursuit for the removal of income levels and employment benefits for blue collar staff, it’s business as usual for the top level producers.)

  16. I'm a big fan of this channel but such little research and depth has gone into this video, it's really made me question my learnings from all your other content. If this is the "researched" American way of understanding Europe, then ooooh boy. I don't even know where to start.

  17. I value your work and appreciate your channel. On Brexit… it's too big for a primer, the legal and currency issues couldn't be touched. I think many problems in the USA is because D.C. has taken power from local citizen gov. bodies. EU drains the life, soul & heartless.

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