Building a team for your start-up? Watch our 5 top tips.

Hi I'm Jeremy Ambrose, Head ofEntrepreneurial Development and these are my five top tipsfor building a great team.

Tip number one.

Culture fit is key.

Make sure the person you're hiringshares your values and buys into the vision of the company.

Number two.

Complementary skillsets.

When you're hiring make sure you're hiring somethingthat's going to add to the team.

If you're the bigger picture person make sure you're adding somebodywho's great with the details.

Tip number three.

There are some great personalitytyping tools out there, use them.

It will tell you exactly how somebody'sgoing to work best within your team.

Number four.

When hiring, be open and honest.

Tell someone why theywouldn't want the role if they're still interestedyou're on to a winner.

Number five.

Don't just rely on thatone-to-one interview make sure you put a seriesof job related challenges around the potential applicant so that you can see allof their skillsets.

Source: Youtube