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hey guys welcome back to my series where I’m talking about my new company mango labs in what we’re doing and how we’re getting off the ground and I thought I do another one just from home and talk about how I’m building my team because that ties in with kind of the the vlog i did earlier this week and starting out because we’re a tech company you know obviously you’ve got to find the right developers that the right people to put in place to help you grow and help you develop your product but I also need strong marketing people strong sales team and I need to hire those people.

now I was very fortunate that I already had access to a really good you know marketing minded individual who is pretty much just out of university and he’s someone who are really knew had potential in that could do a lot of great work and will probably you know go on to do a lot of really awesome things and i was able to bring him onto my team, he was essentially my very first hirer because I wanted him and you know I made the offer and right away because I knew him I didn’t have to put in the time to to interview him just to find out if he was interested i didn’t need to learn about him and learn about his mindset and his work ethic how he embraces the grind I knew all that already and I knew he was going to be the right fit for the culture i want to build.

and once I got him on board i was able to hire the salesperson and sales support to really start getting out there and pushing what we have is the MVP out to the market to validate it with sales.

you know because we’re in Thailand you know finding you know i will say that the culture around sales is a little different than in the US and so finding the person who could tap into that market who had the kind of entrepreneurial mindset to be that first sales person who goes out and breaks the market and gets new customers to buy into this MVP was a little challenging and i had to sort of take a different approach I i actually made the offered to someone else who i knew from the tech industry here in Bangkok but eventually i thought i was going together I really thought that that she was going to take the job but she actually said no kind of broke my heart because i really wanted her to be on my team I really want to work with her it just wasn’t the right fit and so she had to say no and as upsetting as that was it made me have to open up my mind a little bit more and sort of look a little harder for the right salesperson and get outside of that typical sales model even further than I was with her because she’s really like a sort of a technologist and I thought would be a great business development fit but what i did was i just started to look into the community where our product is going to be focused and I’m not going to tell you about that just yet what the actual product is coming soon though leveraging some of the contacts i had i was able to meet a few people and i ended up meeting this gentleman who who I really like and had ties in the community that we’re looking to to move this product into and which is really knowledgeable and I thought he had all of the right skill sets to come on board and really be successful and thrive as a salesperson so after a meeting and talking and getting to know a little more I brought him on to the team as well and so that really that core sales force is really what’s driving the company i have the dev side one of my co-founders is the CTO and he’s building our platform all are quantified self platform and then I had to get we had to work together to find yet another developer but an app developer and again i was able to kind of leverage my existing network and I already done a lot of due diligence on people who I worked with the University here in Thailand and I knew someone from the graduate program the master’s program in ICT who is working as an app developer I knew his his mindset that he’s a workhorse is a problem solver he puts in the work he embraces the grind and this guy was just a machine at research and I know how he works and he was still here in Thailand so I reached out and I made the introduction to the CTO who he’ll be working for we ended up extending him an offer i saw that he was a great fit for the CTO the CTO sort right away and I know the quality of work he showed us his portfolio and there’s an instant decision yes to bring him on board that was kind of the the state that we’re in the my co-founder already had another developer that he was working with he was on the team and it just gel that came together nicely and we’re still growing and so I’m going through a lot of that process that I talked about where I’m trying to identify the people i’ve already identified the culture now I’m trying to find the people who fit that culture you have the motivation needed to succeed in the culture that we’re building and grow this company into something hopefully amazing guys I just like you leave me a comment and let me know you know how you’ve done with this team building on your side when you had projects or other people you work with maybe not permanent employees but they could be virtual assistants or people who are helping you remotely on a part-time basis how did you go about finding them what was that process to kind of headhunt them to to lock them down and of course guys if you like this give it a thumbs up and share it for me help get this story out there about Mango Labs in and what I’m trying to build if you guys have any questions that you want me to answer about you know startups here in Southeast Asia, building teems, building culture let me know in the comments below because i’d love to answer whatever questions you have and you know share my experience and my journey doing this startup here in asia with you until next time guys thank you.

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