Building Your Startup Team – How The Drip Club Used Personality Tests to Make Millions (EP 7.1)

– Today we have a special interview, it's actually three parts, it's with two of my childhood friends and we're at a company called Drip Club.

Andrew, how's it going? – Good man, thanks for having me.

– What is Drip Club exactly,what do you guys do? – We evolved over time, buttoday we do product development.

So we develop anddistribute our own brands, so e-liquids, in the UnitedStates and all over the world.

– If I'm a vape shop,or something like that, I'd probably go to youguys for different flavors, is that how it works? – In the beginning we used to sell a lot directly to vape shops, but now we're kinda changing our model a bit where we're focusing more on the product branding side and we're workingwith distribution partners to get the product out to the shops.

– We all have our ownentrepreneurial journey, you have yours, Jonathan whichwill be on in a little bit, we all have our different ones, but how did you get to where you are now? You had a company before this.

– The very first companythat I started was called Stoom Room, was a onlinerental service for costumes.

College students, they doa lot of theme parties, we want to create a service where they didn't have to buy the costumes.

That was the first business I started, I started out with mygirlfriend at the time.

– What you look likeyou learned from that? – I think you should think very carefully about going to businesswith your significant other because I think there's alot of challenges and stress and anxiety and thatcan put a lot of strain on a relationship.

Now, a lot of people do it and they make it work, but Ithink it's challenging.

– It's very small percentagethat can make it work.

– Yeah, it's very small.

– 'Cause I think you're working all day, you'rethinking about work but then when you go homeyou're thinking about it again.

– Exactly, and when that happens, you're seeing them ever day, that's tough.

When you have disagreementsin the business it's really tough to separatethat from your personal life, especially if you guysare boyfriend girlfriend, husband and wife.

– I think it was Bill Campbell, the guy that mentored SteveJobs and these other people in Silicon Valley, said, "Don't ever work with your friends.

" Talk about this business now.

– Ah man, that's tough, I feel like– – You're working withone of your best friends – Yeah, I'm working withone of my best friends.

No matter when you're lookingfor a business partner, the process is the same,whether their a friend or not and I think it's identifying the values, work ethic is important, you want somebody that is in the trenches with you who's willing to roll up their sleeves.

I think looking back, onething that we probably should have done too, and I think is really useful, is takinga personality test.

There's different services that can do it and their free, you can go online.

It's interesting too 'causewe took that personality test and all three of our personalities, completely complementary.

– Complement each other.

– We're all different, in different ways.

I think communication's really important.

– So what I'm hearing is A,setup boundaries initially.

– [Andrew] Definitely.

– And then you also have to have criteria.

Then the third thing istaking like a Myers-Briggs, or even like a TonyRobbins DISC assessment.

– Yeah, personality test, to see where.

Source: Youtube