Business Funding With Bad Credit

So, I’m assuming you have some bad creditand you’re looking for some business funding.

That’s okay.

You’re in the rightplace and you’re not alone.

A lot of business owners sacrifice theircredit while they’re building their businesses.

I’ve help business ownersobtain 1 billion dollars in financing now.

And I’m more than happy to help youeven if you have bad credit.

So stay tuned.

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Inthis video, we’re talking about how to get business funding with bad credit.

There are lenders out there that will still fund you even if you have badcredit.

But finding those lenders can definitely be challenging.

It can befatiguing.

Having a shop around from lender to lender.

So don’t worry, I’veactually created a platform that has literally 75 different lenders on it.

We’ve streamlined the process.

You can apply in one place and will actuallymatch you with that right lender.

So we’ve taken all the frustration,aggravation have it have your credit ran multiple times on out of that equationput everything on one place.

And we’re helping business owners all across thecountry.

We’ve been doing this for since 2007.

And since then we’ve been uh buthow business owners obtain a billion dollars in financing for theirbusinesses.

Which is a huge milestone.

So you’re definitely good hands as Imentioned earlier.

So really, you know, what do you need in order to getbusiness funding with bad credit? Well, there’s not a simple answer for this.

Anddepending on your industry, depending on your cash flow, depending on yourbusiness credit.

Your personal credit.

Depend on what you’re looking to getaccomplished.

We’ll make up what lender can really help you.

Some lenders onlywork with certain industries if they have bad credit.

Someone there’s onlywork in certain states so it can be really difficult to navigate throughthis on your own.

But really, if you’ve been in business for at least one yearand you’re doing a minimum of about $10,000 a month in gross sales, weprobably can find a solution for you.

There are going to be some other thingsthat you need to look at.

But just to keep it simple, if you’re in business forone year doing $10,000 a month in sales, all we’ll need is a simple application.

And we’ll have to look at about the last 3 to 6 months of your businessbank statements.

From doing that in literally minutes to hours, we can havean answer back to you.

Tell you exactly what your proof for, what the terms areand how quickly we’ll be able to get you the funding in your bank account.

So, Ikept this video short and sweet on purpose.

Instead of me rambling on aboutall the different scenarios of how you can get financing or can’t get financing.

If I literally talked about all the different ways that you can or can’t getfinancing if you have that credit, I can talk for hours.

There isn’t just onesimple answer.

So, the easiest thing to do is check out that link below.

Speak withone of my team members.

Fill out your information.

One of my team members willcontact you back.

They’ll go through some simple questions about your business.

Understand your needs.

Without you even having to do anything.

Filling out anypaperwork.

Any applications.

Submitting any bankstatements.

Anything like that.

From a simple conversation, they can tell youexactly what you most likely qualify for in your business.

And from there, if itmakes sense then you can proceed forward we’re very easy to work with we respectyour business.

We’re all about looking to help you grow.

If it makes sense, great.

Ifthere’s a mutual fit, awesome.

If not, we’re up front we’ll tell you that andyou can move on.

Also as a value add to all of our customers.

So not only can weget you the financing you need to grow your business,we’ll help improve your credit score as well too.

So as I mentioned, check out thatlink below.

I hope you found this video helpful.

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Ilook forward to helping your business.

And me and my team look forward to getyou the funding that you need in order to make it happen.

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