Home Health Care Business Start Up Guide (Complete Guide to Where to Begin)

So do you want to start your own homecare agency and have no idea how Watch this video and I’ll give you my ten steps to opening your own agency And if you really want to start or scale your own home care agency and have no idea how Watch to the end of this video because I will give you a ten step sequence so that you can start your own agency I have grown my agency from a Small investment to over eight figures and now it’s your turn Step one determine what type of agency you want to have you want to do medical if you want to do Non-medical do you want to do pediatric? Do you want to do adults? Each state is going to have their own regulations and laws.

So make sure you check into those some states even have a checklist Step two the fun part Determine your business name Step three is set up your business entity Do you want to be an S corp or a C Corp? Do you want to be an LLC or a sole proprietor or a partnership? Each one has their own advantages and disadvantages So make sure you talk to an attorney and a CPA So comment below and what can I even see you are getting ready to start? Step four is to get your employer identification number This is kind of like your social security number, but it’s for your business and your attorney can get it for you step 5 Register your business with the secretary of state in your state Step 6 check on your license requirements with each payer Are you going to accept Medicare or Medicaid? Are you going to be private pay or are you going to accept commercial insurance? you really need to know that because that will determine what regulations you need to follow and Also, each one is going to have its contract Step 7 prepare your finances. Have you opened a business account business checking account? Or have you gotten a credit card for that business account? Do you need to apply for loans? That’s what you need to do in this step in step 8 is to write or buy your policies and procedures now your policies and procedures are basically your operational Bible for your agency So even if you buy them they have to be customized to your specific business You cannot take just an off-the-shelf Operational manual and say okay we’re open they have to be customized for your business Step 9 is recruit Are you going to hire employees or are you going to hire contract workers? Each one has their own benefits.

So know that too Step 10 is to get referrals start marketing and we’ll talk more about having a marketing plan in another video So comment below on where you are on your step and the process now You know exactly what you need to do to get your agency started, but are still like where do I even begin? You’re in luck because I’ve created this home health startup guide just for you I’ll provide it in the link below if you found this video helpful then make sure you comment below Helpful and like it and share with it with other fellow entrepreneurs starting this journey I’ll see you next time.

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