Business/Startup Funding Explained: Debt Fund (Part -4 ) | Vikas Singh

Hi Entrepreneurs,

Mr. Vikas (Business Coach) will be going to talk about Startup Funding Explained: Debt Fund/Debt Funding 2019, how to raise funds for business/startups.

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Topics Covered In Video.
1. Use others Assets / records to get Funded (Mortgage others Assets).
2. Be on debt for First 3 to 5 Years.
3. Go to the Countries which have less Interest rate.

Vikas Singh is a Business Coach and Consultant, a Technology Evangelist and a Social worker. He believes that if we use the latest Science and Technology in the light of Vaidik Wisdom we can make a better world.

He has empowered more than a hundred thousand people through his seminars, workshops, and talks.






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