Captivate – The Best Social Skills Toolbox for Reading People by Vanessa Edwards

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If you’ve ever wanted a tool-box of social skills, I wouldn’t recommend spending $1000 on body language and dating experts, instead I’d just recommend to read this entire book from front to back. Captivate is a great book on reading body language, understanding eye contact, and knowing how to help people understand you!

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28 Comments on “Captivate – The Best Social Skills Toolbox for Reading People by Vanessa Edwards”

  1. This is so awesome! Thank you so much for reading and sharing all these cool social hacks from Captivate — you rock!!

  2. @practical psychology hahah I just had to watch the video like 5 times since I applied your tips for writing with girls and my attention was kind of somewhere else 🙂

  3. Sir,
    Its a great channel and i have always loved and followed your videos.
    A humble request to you:
    Could you please send me the habit harvester book for free because in india 3$ is a big price sir…
    I will be greatful for your help

  4. "Pygmalion effect" for me is like "Give a dog a good name" section in How To Influence people (I'm not very sure it's the exact title, but…. The author's name is spelled close to something like Carniege or something like that I'M SO SORRYY I'm bad names)

  5. Really good video but felt like you threw fact after fact really quickly where it was hard to fully comprehend before learning the new fact.
    A psychological study says if you say the same information three different ways to audience will remember it more likely. Just a tip

  6. So if you by reading this book, you will have the ability to get nudes os sb just by looking at their eyes?
    Just kidding awesome video thanks.

  7. You did a fantastic job. Vanessa's book has already made it to my favorites which includes Will Durant and Napoleon Hill. Thank you

  8. how come your content is ALWAYS interesting and inspirational? like i really enjoyed the video and instantly added the book to my to-read list. honestly man, i have nothing but appreciation and admiration for you and your hard work! keep it up!

  9. hey brother in somalia if you make aye contact for to long you may end up in fight it awkward in Somalia

  10. What if I got a problem looking other people in the eyes?
    When I talk and get mentally involved in my story, then my focus drifts away from the person in front of me to what I'm doing (thinking of every detail, while my eyes tend to drift down).
    Even worse, if I observe someone and he/she looks me in the eye, it makes me feel uneasy. Subconsciously, I seem to take it as an intrusion in privacy and as an aggressive act which requires a fight or flight response, which I have to suppress on a conscious level.

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