Impostor Syndrome: I'm a Bad Software Developer
Welcome to Episode Two of my weekly series! All software developers face impostor syndrome at least once in their life. It’s happened to me quite a few times. The best advice I can give is just own ..
Software Developer Job Types
Book ::: Software Developer Job Categories ..
Pablo Navarro | Innovators of Tomorrow | Intel Software
Learn about Pablo Farías Navarro, the founder of the Zenva Academy. He created this online platform to offer courses on how to make games, apps, and websites that many developers use to expand their ..
Build a Mobile App for Any IoT Product in Minutes with Blynk | Intel Software
Blynk helps people build mobile apps for connected products in minutes. Blynk is an IoT platform that provides developers with a drag and drop interface that works on iOS and Android and across multip..
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The Intel® Software channel is aimed at helping developers by providing them with examples, tutorials, tips, tricks, and how tos as well as connecting developers to influencers, innovators, and to th..
How to Get Started on Twitch as a Game Developer! | Intel Software
Should you stream on Twitch as a game developer? What are the reasons you'd want to put yourself and your game out there for the world to see? How should you go about getting started? We got some succ..
Software Development Career Paths: Starting Out
What Programming Language Should Programmers Learn In 2019? 💻 👉🏻 ► CODING DOJO - SIMPLE PROGRAMMER SPONSOR ◄
Junior vs Mid vs Senior level developers (THE DIFFERENCES)
🔥 Land the job! Get help with a resume and cover letter | 📚 My courses: 💻 Learn Code FREE for 2 months: Treehouse Discou..
Healthy Tips For Programmers & Web Developers
In this video we will touch on healthy lifestyle tips for computer programmers, web developers and anyone else who sits down all day and stares at a computer screen. VISIT US: http://www.traversymedi..
How to Use Location to Enhance UX | Intel Software
Location data gives developers opportunities to create new and exciting ways to interact with users, and services. Luke Wroblewski gives some tips and tricks to how you can use location detection to t..