Convert Any template to WordPress in under 5 Minutes

This isn’t really a how to video, more information on just how easy it is.

We will be doing many more in depth videos on this, and other internet marketing topics,

everything from how to design a theme in Photoshop, convert it to a template, impliment that template into WordPress, market the site, SEO ad-words etc. stay tooned for and update!

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18 Comments on “Convert Any template to WordPress in under 5 Minutes”

  1. Any of you heard of a rewind and pause button? Or you can always go and learn it yourself.

    Great video. Thanks for posting.

  2. How cheap :/ I do the same with websites but with flexible fields, this is just copy/paste work. Stop wasting peoples time on this.

  3. please talk me that i want to convert my html website to the wordpress. but how i can connect the other pages with the main???

  4. I accidently bought a blogger theme on ETSY and really want to convert it to my wordpress! Is this how I do it?

  5. Hey Evan …Great video!
    I have a few HTML Jobs I need done in wordpress >>>> Would you be available for hire?

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