Create a WordPress Plugin from Scratch – Part 1

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29 Comments on “Create a WordPress Plugin from Scratch – Part 1”

  1. how u can load the wordpress folder into the editor brackets? i created a ftp link in windows and want to load the wordpress folder into brackets that i can create and check all files directly.

  2. Beautifully done! Looking forward to implementing something that I've wanted to do for a year, but too busy previously.

  3. Hola Alessandro, hey I want to create a WP forms like the one that anyone can for however I'd rather make my own, my question is, do you have a tut for that or something close to that. I need it for a (Request a Quote) thing. Sorry I'm new to WP and not sure of the lingo that goes with it lol

  4. You keep mentioning sublime text? So what extensions do you have installed on vscode that would pertain to your plug-in video series? Especially Autofill.

  5. How did u get to the coding part so quickly what was the name of the software you used, Also please a URL?

  6. Hey Alessandro, if I wrote a preloader with HTML, CSS, and Javascript is it possible to create a plugin on WordPress with this code or does this need to be within a PHP file?

  7. Bel tutorial, e bella pronuncia inglese! Ci ho messo un po' a capire che fossi italiano 😉

  8. Can anyone tell my why my css isnt connecting with my wordpress here's my functional.php
    function test_wordpress() {
    wp_enqueue_style( 'style', get_stylesheet_uri() );

    add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'test_wordpress' );


  9. I'm a beginner in WordPress… where should I start? Can someone help me with their experience? I would be greatful to you

  10. I love the tutorial. Your voice reminds me of Gru from Despicable Me which makes the tutorial even more awesome.

  11. Cheers, Aless – what a great tutorial – was just the right length and content for an intro and your chilled out tone and delivery of the material overall was just spot on. Subscribed and hooked on the series. Thanks again, kudos.

  12. Yeah! Amazing!!

    Already had experience creating plugin but would like to learn if I missed anything basic or something. Since this has a lot of good review, will continue watching and learn from you!

  13. I think you are great and i am following since start as well. I am really thankful to you as the new series are not 20 or 30 mins based tuts. That is just awesome.

  14. Great tutorial! Do you have a tutorial showing how to add plugin (eg. form) in a section in theme customizer? Thank you.

  15. Simply great…..though i never liked wordpress but its your way of instruction and deep knowledge undoubtedly, driving me to learn wordpress plugin development…thanks for such a great start…long live…

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