Delegate Tasks To Keep Business Running

Aloha everyone today I have a majorannouncement sorry for the hassles my Gorillapod that might my phone that I’dbroadcast in periscope fell over the reason I’m doing one on my personal page is for all of you who called me who texted me who Facebook message me and on Instagram and on Twitter and especially on Facebook writing on my wallwishing me happy birthday on August 30th I very very much appreciate that MahaloNui Loa meaning thank you very much in Hawaii and really really appreciatethat guys three the three tips is going to be how to enjoy your vacation andstill keep your business running in the logistics around that And here comes my third tip my third tipfor enjoying your vacation is that my question to you are you a business owneror are you a business operator can your business function without you beingthere my business can function because I have an assistant that can work for methat can post in social media that can prospect for me that can take my videosshe can’t make my videos but she can but my videos don’t take that much I justhave to plan them and share with you what I learned but she would like theblog post she will send out the email and she will edit the video and Brianwill upload it that’s Faith doing that Brian will upload the videos back toFacebook sharing Instagram a bunch of other places and do the photography bepart of things so why can that happen? Because I have an assist I have twoassistants and they are running helping to run my business so while I’m gonethey can still be working and they are still earning money and the materialthat I produce is what they would use now obviously we are not going to doprospecting this month because I don’t want to get on the phone and work withpeople and I’m not I’m not gonna be running a marketing campaign right nowfor my product selling you that so what what does a virtual assistant do for youAnd I have a virtual assistant service that my virtual assistant Faith and I andBrian we offer virtual assistants where wefind you people and then they can do the work for you for a very small costcompared to what it would cost you in America so what is somebody asking whatam i selling what I’m selling I’m offering a business opportunityin network marketing number two we have a virtual assistant that I’m justtelling you about where we find a virtual assistant, train them for you andturn them over for you that can do work like I was just explaining andmentioning number three I have a bunch ofinformational product skillset products and strategy products that are launchingin October and so you can wait and see what that will beI for right now I would say to you sign up on my mailing list and when you dothat do that by getting my free Daily Aloha Laptop Lifestyle that’s on my websiterugbydude.

Com and you’ll be notified when those products launch because there’sgonna be specials for those on my list in October on that right so that’s whatyou watch my biggest tip is get a virtual assistant guys or get assistantsget people that can help you now if you say to me I’m just a I’m just gonna usethis example I’m a network marketer and I’m just starting out I’m only makingfour five six eight hundred dollars a month or so much per week look you don’thave to have a virtual assistant permanently, you can share one with someone but ifyou can have somebody take 10 hours of stuff that you do a week that’s busywork but has to be done and it costs you 50 bucks to do it and you have to giveup 200 a month and you’re making say a thousand a month how much more free timeare you gonna have to spend time with your loved ones and also do the thingsthat’s really important only you can do if you have an extra 10 or 20 hours perweek right and so that’s one of my best tips for you that of course if you haveemployees and you’re a brick and mortar business business they can keep it running whileyou’re gone or you can shut down together but if you have an online kindof business and where you can employ a virtual assistant they can do these foryou so I are highly urge you to look into our virtual assistant it is on mywebsite rugbydude.

Com or johanvanaarde.

Com go to products and you will actually see our virtual assistant service there or ifyou first want to check into it just a little bit more and answers to have somequestions answered under the free tab is a free report that I give away it’s likea checklist of the questions that you need to ask and the things that you needto be looking for when you are making.

When you arelooking into a virtual assistant service so ahead and jump on that take care I’llsee you next time probably from South Africa or maybe fromthe airport in Qatar I don’t know or maybe Spain or maybe all of the abovetake care guys, God bless.


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