Did You Make the List?

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49 Comments on “Did You Make the List?”

  1. This is such an eye opener. I know that I’m not on any lists atm. Not have I had many in my life on that list. We do become the people we surround ourselves with. The solution must then be to deliver promises to accountable people and that way gain access to a better life.

  2. the problem is that the 5 people on the list are probably all crooks in disguise while those who have a reputation for being crooks are completely reliable. Man is almost always the opposite of what the person claims to be.

  3. Hi Pat I love your work and have been learning from you for a long time now!! Valuetainment inspired me to take action on my own career❤️?

    I have started a new YouTube channel on high performance strategys and was wondering if anyone who sees this comment could give me some feedback on how to improve my channel!!


  4. Be the best in your field of expertise and dominate it! Hold people in your company and industry accountable to their words and actions and the rest will follow! Something I've learnt is people often don't want the reward for hardwork which is always more hardworking. 🙂 Love your work Pat!

  5. Inspiring as usual PBD. Really appreciate your nuggets. One of the things I love about the Financial services industry is continuous self-improvement. I am committed to improving for myself, my family and my business.

  6. Raised by my grandfather he would always say " You are the company you keep"
    Your word, your dependability, your integrity, and your abilities in doing the right thing will set high standards for you and the people you surround yourself with.

  7. I like people who make broad goals and will go through hell and high water to get it done. My one friend works at tacobell a few states away if I ask hey I need help with a demolition and cleaning job for a house I can expect you here by next week, he'll be like ok. Hell try a crappy car if that doesn't work, a bus ticket, if that doesn't work hitchhiking if that doesn't work a bike. I know damn well he will get here and get the job done that's why I'd call him over my friend who lives just a few cities away

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  9. Oh I found it!
    I had a small successful business for 20 years self employed, I loved what I did as Tailor designer, and very good at it. I had regular customers coming in different genders. It's not an excuse but I had phisical illness where I start doing gym. That helped my problems . But I had no idea that someone didn't want me to succeed, start plotting against me, I had poverfull anemies and been subject through organise crime, slanders, and harassment. by the person mention above, and her supporters. the reason envy and wanting to be me, or wanting control me. She worked with the police. I was in the hand of a very sick women, I know what you will say. I should have run away. moved, change my business. It took me a long time to get where I was, now I have to start all over again. I am in my late 60's still haven't lost my will to try other things, last 2 an half year I have been learning market trading, world events and markets, new stocks, & and smll/big companies read hundreds of subscriptions, I Fallowed Mr Trump as he knows the markets so well, meening his political desisions influenced the markets everyone gained from it. I have learned so much but, there is much more to learn. I have a vision of my status to become a millonair and I have set a target figure I want to reach since the beginning of my tuition. And I love the challenge, however I still have the shadows fallowing me arround, this is real not a dream. That is one of the other reason I want to be strong financially to be able to protect my family and me. So I find difficult to trust anyone. I must do everything on my own I feel more at peace that way.
    I like to hear from you, I can handle an opinion and suggestions.

  10. If you read this comment, be blessed! ✨I was motivated by Patrick work and I started in Romania this YouTube channel called #Vibratii_inalte (high frequencies). Episode 10 and counting.
    Currently we are at episode #9. One day I will be a guest @Valuetainment . Namaste ?

  11. PBD this sounds like a very vicious cycle I am currently in. It’s scary to admit but if you’re willing to change it what do you recommend be the next few things to change?

  12. Its important to rely and trust yourself before anyone. And I also think it's important to only make promises that you can commit on. If you struggle start off small.

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