Do Daily Affirmations Work?

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49 Comments on “Do Daily Affirmations Work?”

  1. What I like about PBD videos is they are 98% pure content. There are a lot of people out there where the good content are only at 30% of the time, and the rest is just a lot of pointless self promotion or ads. Keep the good work Pat !

  2. Brother, Love your authenticity. Beyond all your amazing success becoming the man you are through a humble , hardworking, believing , loving & willing to learn heart is by far your biggest success.

  3. Do you realize this will bring people to face their traumas, set back & fears. You are brilliant! I do my affirmations, but i will add yours to mine as well.

  4. But PAT….
    Napoleon Hill said that there should be no negative sentence in the affirmation.
    But 'Painful moments' reminds us about the negativity in life…..
    Im confused on that part. Pls help

  5. The message was a AHA moment for me, by adding the information in the lesson to my affirmations, pulled it all together for me. My morning routine, just became even more powerful and meaningful! Thank you Patrick

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