Do Millionaires Live Longer?

In this weeks episode of Stats with Patrick Bet-David, he shares a shocking stat while in Monaco- Do you think Millionaires Live Longer? Subscribe for weekly updates

New segment called Stats with Patrick Bet-David meant to spark critical thinking on areas that are relevant to business and entrepreneurs.

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  2. Pat I know I sound spammy and it might be annoying but I gotta meet you man, I would love to have just 5minutes to talk to you. Please get back to me at +33767925929 or leave me an answer on this channel.

  3. Only three things are important to my Entrepreneurial life… Money, Sex, and Power.
    All the rest is just a waste of time, including living to be old.
    "Couple of old Raisins sitting around in a Monaco bar… Yeah, I used to be a stud… A great life…"

  4. The claim of this video is now disputed! The US has produced more billionaires than any other country on the planet, yet our life expectancy is declining. The richest country on the planet, one of the birthplace, and center of capitalism has a declining life expectancy!

    I want to hear an answer for this

  5. Monaco is very tiny country, being protected by France military. No tax and a lot of rich people have properties there, in the border of Mediterranean Sea, beautiful blue sky and blue sea. Very nice to live, but I only visited.

  6. Chad is a subsaharien country not a north African one
    North Africa is Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lybia, Mali, Mauritannie, Cannaries Island and a part of Egypt
    Tchad has nothing to do with us ( Imazighen, people of north Africa ) apart that we are all Africans, we are already so different from each other in north Africa and its way more with the sub saharian people
    Btw this video is great as always. Keep it up Patrick ??♓

  7. I'd argue better health care comes from where you live rather than how much money you have. Here in Munich, Germany it is not unusual to see folks from all over the world come here for health care. And before you say public insurance is expensive, it is only promotional to what you earn. Did you know the US has some of the highest mortality rates in the world amongst expecting mothers despite having one of the highest health care budgets in the world. That's what happens when business comes before health. It's about where you live, not how deep your pockets are.

  8. Clicked on the video with excitement only to be TEASED. By the way… I'm only going to let that bother me for about 2.5 seconds while I twiddle my thumbs. ?

  9. I wouldn't know,maybe people can donate to my go fund me so i can afterwards tell you guys if it's true!

    Anyway i love your channel i was watching just by boredom some documentary of mafias then i saw an interview of the cop who went undercover in the mafia for six years on your channel and just how you interview people it's spoken with knowledge on both sides. Grade A stuff ?

  10. How many of those 1 out of 56 people in that country pay their back support on a regular to the baby's momma that had triplets and gave birth to his twins ;
    Drake and his twin sister .

    Because I have been checking my private mail box for the last week or so and still no check , yet !

    Why should the wealthier son pay the baby's daddy's support payments for him to me ,
    his adult childrens biological birth mother (me), the brown skin American , in his name ?

    Eventhou the ? on any ? could fall and bumb the head of the richer than richer baby's daddy's back into his own private room with the Drake's baby momma were he belongs so he can write better checks to me , too !

    Not funny any rich son would say , why in the heck do I have to tell any of the baby's daddy's to pay their support checks .

    I betcha Drake would agree with me , too .

  11. And this is why I want to be wealthy, I want to be healthy give back to my family and donate at least 30 percent of my income yearly to charity every year! ?

  12. I was in Cannes and Monaco two weeks ago, Pat! Yes, what you say is absolutely real! Now I am in Asia and following up with the business that allowed me to visit Cannes and Monaco. IG: Juan_Antonio_Quiroz

  13. Did you or anyone close to you have an LG phone while filming this? I heard notification sound like 5 times, got me tripping my phone was going off. Or was it WhatsApp sound?

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