Does It Still Hurt When You Lose?

Does It Still Hurt When You Lose?? Patrick Bet-David covers this topic in this episode of Monday motivation to start your week. Subscribe for weekly updates

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24 Comments on “Does It Still Hurt When You Lose?”

  1. I'm OK with losing only when I know I gave all my energy I could to win and when I lose because other reasons I go to place to think on what happened and that can motivate me to do better next time.

  2. Patrick, tell us the amount of likes, shares or comments you need to drop the Sammy the Bull Gravano interview !! Like so Patrick sees this!

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  3. Good morning, what’s up with this “No IPO insight…” stuff? What’s going on with Uber and going public, there are talks about new innovation has dropped off, are these signs of a crash as investors hold on to their money. What gives?

  4. CRUSHING these videos! Hey Patrick is there any way I can add value into your life?

    I have similar content where I share business advice, scaling with virtual assistants, balancing life between professional & personal, and topics related to your business. Would love to talk shop with you and share the conversation with our audiences. If you're interested, please reply or message my Creative Director [email protected] Keep up the great content!



  5. Competing should only be in the market place, sports and sometimes politics, etc. But if you compete on a personal level with someone other than yourself, that is psychological warfare and you can or will be tormented.. Even if you think you've won "winning" by ''beating someone'', remember that what comes around goes around.

    Become better then YOU. NOT somebody else.

    Someone will always be a better negotiator, richer than you, better looking, taller, stronger u get my point. Some of these things you can change, others you can't even if you wanted to.

    At no point was was competing with yourself or who you was yesterday mentioned… I'm disappointed in PBD for not making this clear; he is not doing much favours for the mental health of people who don't know better.

    People are stuck in insecurities, self esteem, depression/anxiety, confidence, ego issues and as result we have drug addiction, domestic and other violence, stress caused health issues; and it's exactly because of this "I am better than you/ I'm not good enough" thought system Patrick is selling!

    Patrick is a great entrepreneur, role model, mentor but please guys take SOME of what he's telling you with a pinch of salt because sometimes he's not completely right or thorough as in this case.

    Thank you for reading.

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