Does the Right Spouse Make You?

Tom Bilyeu joins Patrick Bet-David to talk about his journey starting his companies, the challenges that come with entrepreneurship and whether the right spouse makes you?

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15 Comments on “Does the Right Spouse Make You?”

  1. From experience, a good spouse is an incredible incentive and motivation to achieve at your highest potential. Obviously not something you would seek for that end but my wife is what I consider the reason for dedication in planning and output. She likes things and I’m a bit of a minimalist so to be able to give her all that I can when I would otherwise not care about a big home and fancy cars does speak for itself.

  2. This makes me sick. How much of a weak male can he get. He have no backbone. If a man is not at peace with himself and not willing and understanding that he need to be alone from time to time then he is no good to anyone else.

  3. Never show weakness to your wife she loses respect for you . The woman’s response was basically get up and be a man … that should not happen in the first place to a real man

  4. Whats he gonna say, "That Bitch did nothing for me, I made me, with or without her I would still be sitting here" anyone whos been married wouldn't say that in a taped interview thats for sure. No I get it and thats nice but it doesn't apply to every man, mostly to the weaker among us. Sorry but its true.

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