17 Comments on “Dragons are amazed by entrepreneurs bad attitude. 13/8/18”

  1. I personally don’t see where their attitude is bad. They have a product which they believe is; a first, revolutionary and has a large market.
    Does Deborah know what the term ‘prototype’ means? They said it cleans 80% but they clearly want better numbers – It’s not rocket science.

  2. i have a very big air purifier in my room. it's not all that it's cracked out to be. I have been running it non stop for 3 months and the filter isn't that dirty. The floor is still dusty in corners so it obviously hasn't cleaned the air that well. This is a big mains powered one, so imagine this portable battery operated POS. It will do jack all.

    Also I hate when people show dirt filters and say "this was supposed to go in the lungs". That's not true at all, people breath in air slowly and it passes through our own filters in the nostril and throat. Our lungs are breathing in air all the time at speed like a vaccum either. The filter shown may take out large items like dust, pollen etc. but it wont do jack all for pollutants like nox emissions, tobacco smoke etc.

  3. Typical anti zionists claiming their attitude is not anti Semitic. Why are you banging on about them being Israeli. If they said they were American, English or European, you would have just called them arrogant assholes. But because they are Israeli you have to attack where they are from. Shame on all of you. If you are an anti Semite just admit it don’t hide it behind anti Zionism

  4. To Jenny Campbell: I have a soft drink idea called Coca-Cola which has the potential to transform the soft-drink industry!
    Jenny: I can't see the brand going anywhere…I'm out!

  5. He sounds like a guy that would add a 50p charge on card payment that is below £5 in a corner shop.

  6. Peter: You are a horrible person! And for that reason I’ll I’ll make you an offer.

    I guess Peter likes it when they play hard to get.

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