E824 Open Book Challenge request for startups to replace Facebook! Meet 4 founders (apply ’til 6/15)

E824: “Open Book Challenge”! Jason’s request for startups to replace Facebook gets underway: meet four founders with unique solutions to unseat the social media giant (applications open until 6/15/18)

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  1. Thumbs up for the content, but I am also getting a sense of why so many think you are polarizing. Much of your passive-aggressive commentary is needless noise.

  2. None of those 4 presented will ever replace FB or even be a serious contender against FB. They certainly have the potential to be successful. Also, never say "patent pending" during a pitch. It's so raunchy. It's nothing more than a cheap attempt to try and impress the investor. Mention you have a patent when you really have one, otherwise, the only thing that matters to an investor is that you have traction.

    Another thing I noticed is that Jason seems to have a pet peeve with FB not so much because he's against Zuckerberg's ethics but more because he's pissed that he turned down Zuckerberg when he had a chance to invest in FB. Now's he's pissed that he missed out on making a great deal. Sorry Jason, but that's the fact and it's common among investors in Silicon Valley.

  3. I wish I had more time, social networks are designed to keep you in front of the platform, eoko is designed to keep you in front of people. We have worked hard working under a rock building, we will be out soon but I don't think we would have enough traction to compete​ with those startups that just spoke. We shall see.

  4. I am in favor of creating an alternative to Facebook but if we want a global public utility for the commons we need to do it without shareholders. It needs to be a nonprofit but the Open Book Challenge does not seem to enable nonprofit efforts as they want to have equity in any of the startups.

  5. I want a site where my Identity is verified by the company (no Russian trolls), but then my public Identity is a just a Internet handle (unless I choose for it to be public). You can sell ads to my internet handle, but none of my personal data is released. Basically I want an all verified Twitter like service that can make money by giving me ads to my anonymous public persona, while keeping my verified Identity secure. Also, I want a site that takes harassment seriously!!!

  6. I am currently using a site called outdoorduo here in the UK. Butter's concept actually resembles this site. I have noticed this recent and slightly peculiar phenomena of experimenting verticals and gradually moving away from being pure play. For instance,
    Coca-cola foray into alcoholic beverages, now FB experimenting with dating. Whatever happened to KISS?
    Keep It Simple Stupid! lool.
    I genuinely like these concepts and startups. However, for any of them to thrive and eventually become mainstream, they've appeal to the vanity of their prospect/potential users. People are homo-duplex: naturally selfish but capable of learning logic.

  7. The is Lee Jay Lorenzen, the current CEO of ShopO.com that speaks starting at minute 38:40.

    And here is the Facebook post that has a readable version of Zina’s detailed script and pictures that duplicate some of the ShopO Circles key slide:


    As I mentioned, I'm in the process of recruiting a CEO for http://www.ShopO.com which I believe can be the next $100 billion company and therefore deserves someone better than me at scaling and global execution.

    My ideal candidate would be a woman who blends the cause-related heart of Jessica Jackley, the community management skills of Meg Whitman and the operational discipline of John Doerr.

    Although I’m mentioning the names of highly successful folks, I’m really thinking of someone who has these types of skills (e.g., has traveled internationally, knows what GMV is, understands OKRs, etc.) but who hasn’t yet had the massive success of these legends.

    Does anyone come to mind?

    Said another way, (and of course, assuming you're not available), who is the best person you know that is ready to be the CEO of a company that can scale to Uber-level proportions and do so without the negative culture/press/conflicts?

    Here is a page with our company philosophy:


    which is summarized in:

    The ShopO Way

    1. To invest in people and businesses around the world

    2. To amaze the world with the incredible value offered by the products and services of our Shop Owners

    3. To develop a team of employees that builds each other up, works hard in a family friendly environment and has fun getting the job done.

    4. To achieve profits sufficient to reward our ShopO Owners, employees and shareholders beyond their expectations.

    5. To manage the business with humility, integrity and grace.

    To understand our mission and motto, you’ll also find the following two videos on the ShopO.com site:

    1. https://youtu.be/9Rpk9MGKxa4 — A Day in the Life of a ShopO Circle Leader

    a. this video introduces ShopO Circles as the world’s first Social Commerce app

    b. you learn that ShopO is short for ShopOwner which relates to our desire to give 10+ million women a chance to run their own businesses

    c. you hear from not only one of our first ShopOwners in Kharkiv, UA but also some of her 300+ customers who would love to have access to your products

    2. https://vimeo.com/182928372 — Why We ShopO

    a. this video explains why 50% of our profits are going to support women entrepreneurs and global literacy

    b. you learn why we believe that investing in people pays everlasting dividends

    c. after watching this video, you’ll know the secret secondary meaning of the “O” in the ShopO name (after “Owner”)

    Any names or warm intros that you could provide would be much appreciated and please feel free to share this post with anyone you think can help find or is a prospective candidate.

    My e-mail is [email protected]ShopO.com and my phone number is 831-595-7501

  8. The face of Facebook is "the Zuck". A more ethical Facebook with a better face that simply says, "we're the next Facebook – or not! Give us a try. :-)", can crush it far faster than we imagine. People WILL give them a chance – and they better have a great plan for capturing and keeping all that good will before going in!

  9. First and foremost I wouldn't want to be a site user and without it being strictly opt-in, running ANY kind of "experiments" on myself, my content or or my related data because USERS ARE NOT THE PRODUCT AND CONDUCTING UNSCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENTS IS UNETHICAL AND IMMORAL. Otherwise, the only challenge is to replace Zuckerberg The Amoral Predator with someone else.

    It's impossible for the public to fact check their way back to a responsible, ethical and objective MSM and/or Alt. Media. Facts are facts, and opinions equate to falsehoods. A valid solution to fake news is for advertisers collectively refuse to buy or immediately cancel contracts for adspace on any site where propaganda is disguised as information.

    The site Butter (by the stated requirements), doesn't exactly qualify to be a startup, not even close. Butter is wanting a bit of padding for their bottom line.

    The R Media site is little more than a site designed for optimizing code and algos for even deeper intrusion into the users lives, justified by paying the user a micro-fee to essentially betray themselves and their connections. This could easily evolve into a variation of the plot of the film Minority Report. Reddit is a nanny site where "mods" think they're Gods and feel free to stick their nose into the business of the users, rudely and often ignorantly. Adding tokens does nothing for me personally.

    The third pitch sounds like the site would be immediately adopted by ISIS & pals for command and control.

    Are.na is looking to charge money to access one's own information and that of others who consent. This is NOT going to be able to hold a candle to FB. It's fine for business and helpful for students who are collaborating on assignments. Everyone else has better things to spend their money on. Pandering to deep pockets is exclusionary based on income/wealth. Bad move. Without instant mass popularity after launch, it will fizzle out before economic viability is achieved.

    Taking down FB means no censorship, no information "optimizing", and especially NO SELLING USER DATA TO ANYONE who intends to use it to intrude on the users with creepy as hell "targeted advertising" that destroys what little privacy not already in pieces.

    Clone FB and use a financial model to be profitable that doesn't require massive amount of taxpayers money from the firm owned by the Central Intelligence Agency who is given access to the data of all users gratis, which technically is actually illegal. Replacing FB is about ethics, inclusiveness, openness and transparency in providing a data service, NOT being a propaganda publisher masquerading as a service provider which is also illegal.

    If only I knew how to write code…..

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