Elementor Theme Builder – Pro 2.0 Overview

☆ In this video, we go over the different parts that make up Elementor Pro 2.0 Theme Builder ☆

The Theme Builder allows users to design their entire website, even the parts previously restricted by their WordPress theme. This is all done without coding, using Elementor’s new Template Types, Dynamic Content and Conditions features. Learn how this new version simplifies your entire web creation process.

Read more: https://elementor.com/introducing-theme-builder/
Get Elementor Pro 2.0: https://elementor.com/pricing/

28 Comments on “Elementor Theme Builder – Pro 2.0 Overview”

  1. This is the glitchiest most not at all user fucking friendly website building tool i've ever used

  2. Great Video!

    We also used Elementor to build our website https://www.nerb.com.sg and are really happy with the outcome.

    Editing of contents are way easier now as compared to the Visual Composer which we were using for our previous website. Also the ability to scale our layouts allows to present new content much easier without much need for technical coding. All we need to do is duplicate existing sections or use Elementor's elements to build it.

    Thumbs up for Elementor, you guys should give it a try 🙂

  3. Thanks Elementor Theme Builder.This is Awesome Web Development video.
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  4. Developers, please add schema support. Without that no matter how good websites we create using elementor or elementor pro, their SEO competitiveness is almost non-existent. It's been more than a year SEO guys are requesting this feature. Hundreds of requests on github too.

    This feature request has good idea of how it could work: https://github.com/pojome/elementor/issues/2385
    And requests like this are going unheard. https://github.com/pojome/elementor/issues/3990

    At time of uploading this new Elementor 2.0 you did mention on your page that Schema support is coming but still no signs of progress. Please at least implement it for headers and footers. Then add it for navigation and more.

    I really love elementor but other builders like beaver are having this essential feature since years then why hasn't it made it to Elementor.

    On behalf of 1000s of Elementor Pro Users (like me).

  5. Was stuck with the header issue. Had to make header for each page manually. Got it now, thank you for the video!

  6. I love Elementor so much. Do you have affiliate links?? I've been blogging for over a decade and have built and had expensive themes for my site over the years. This has been a game changer for me. I dumped my expensive theme that killed my business and switched to a stunning Elementor site that looks and feels like me. Love it!

  7. Also asked yesterday on WPCrafter.com's channel…I am writing a proposal and thinking of using Elementor, but the client needs customizable footers ( certain pages should have a different footer because event sponsor logos will be on the page content, and they might be competitors of the static corporate partners which usually appear in the footer)… My question is:
    Do you know if it's possible to have a main footer, then also another footer for only certain pages? (I did search online for the answer to that question, but it seemed to be "buy Astra Pro theme" as of May 21 https://github.com/Nikschavan/header-footer-elementor/issues/94 . )

  8. I wonder which one of this Themes is perfect for use with Elementor: Elementor Hello Theme vs GeneratePress vs OceanWP vs Astra. Where are the differences?

  9. Are page builder and theme builder separate products? Do I need 98$ to acquire both of them?

  10. elementor conflict with WooCommerce plugin, when i active this plugin Elementor Error 500 Internal Server Error

  11. Great video. Is it possible to design a complete site first before publishing it in elementor FREE version? Maybe someone has a link for me? I tried Save Draft but it.s not working.

  12. So does it matter what theme we use anymore? Can we just use a WordPress default theme, 2016-18, and just make whatever we want now?

  13. These are great tools! But….. it is really confusing as to whether Theme Builder is a separate product from Elementor Pro or is included within the Pro license.

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