Entrepreneur Conference of The Year- THE VAULT 2019


THE VAULT is a 3 day event hosted by Patrick Bet-David for CEO’s, Founders, Executives and Entrepreneurs.

The purpose of this event is the following:

1. Help you identify YOUR NEXT 15 MOVES.

2. Strategies to help you scale in good and bad times.

3. Problem solving formula to help you in the war room, board room and the bed room.

See you at THE VAULT 2020.


31 Comments on “Entrepreneur Conference of The Year- THE VAULT 2019”

  1. I'm 16 years old and even I wanna attend the conference but my parents and the PRICE TAG stops me ….. 800$ is 55500 Rupees in India it's way more, and for the airplane and lodging it's an added cost btw in this Era of internet why don't you make it available online and help poor little kids like us who also want success and growth in their life……but the only thing we kids don't have is MONEY…..I wish I was BORN IN USA and not in the Indian Slums …????

  2. Objective is to be part of those networking opportunities that all that went to the valut have established. Any advice I'm more than interested in joining those conversations. Contact me at ricardo.ode@odeair.cl

  3. I was so close to going to the vault the timing was just not right ? but I'll definitely be there 2020 thanks patric for being an amazing human and bringing more value then anyone on YouTube

  4. To assess content, I don't need other people's emotions.
    Such kind of advertising make me sceptical toward content,
    and convincing me about another successful business model of YouTube channel monetization.
    But what about content, value for money?

  5. Why… why…. why… do these motivational guys always have to exploit people in the end to build their empire and brand? You don't need to charge some poor kid $5,000 to sell them a dream. It's so sad to see this, and so goddamn frustrating. Always on the take. You, Grant, Ed, even Gary with his "empathy wine" (now I get why he was pushing the word empathy for so long… jab jab jab right hook). Here's the one thing I don't get: you have money. A lot of it. You already have a brand. A name. You're a somebody. You're a solid CEO, you could have instead chosen to expand your business empire instead of creating a cult. You have a successful business, a family, nice cars, big house, etc. You came from nothing and now you have EVERYTHING. And yet, it's never enough. Not only is it not enough but you're appealing to the most desperate people out there. Some thirsty wantrepreneur wjho idolizes you and can't think clearly will sell their soul for that $5,000 to hear you talk, $5,000 they could and SHOULD have spent on themselves and their business, then they'll get a motivation boost that will last a few days, like a drug high, but that's about it. You know it, I know it. I just don't get it man. You don't need to do this and ultimately it will backfire when people realize they're not getting any real value from these outrageously priced conferences, it's just a cult of personality. It is literally so fucking sad to watch this after all of the great content I've seen on your channel.

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