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  1. hmm this is a very odd idea to me. I don't think i'd invest and here's why. Firstly, the only people who would use it wouldn't be locals to an area (or new to an area) and would only have to use it once. Once they know the cheapest firm, they would always use that firm in that area. I stick with the exact same company when using a taxi as they are known to be the cheapest in this area (just have to ask anyone around here) and if they have none available then i use another company which i KNOW to be just as cheap as them. Its also simple enough to just call a taxi and pay when you've completed your journey instead of potentially paying for one that never comes.

  2. "I think your pitch is excellent, you're obviously very intelligent, so I'm going to make you an offer…..I'll give you the entire £75,000 but for….100% of your business."

  3. So it's like Uber, but without the assaults and rapes and people leaving you on the side of the road?

  4. Anyone who is thinking about Uber and such, there are differences and there is always room for competition. More importantly, the dragons are not so much interested in the business as in the people. This is a fantastic way to find really promising new people for little money (75k is nothing to them). With a bit of luck the business is profitable, and if not they had a good place to learn and try out after which you put them in one of your better enterprises. Most of this show is about talent aquisition with very rarely a really good and long-term profitable idea

  5. It was good to see somebody actually negotiate with the aggressively avaricious Peter Jones. Sometimes Peter Jones seems like a complete pratt – why does he demand the guy disclose his telecoms partner when he's most likely subject to an NDA?

  6. I don't know why Peter is so anal about knowing who the companies are, does he not understand an NDA? How would he feel if someone broke his NDA. Surely saying one of the top 3 in the UK is sufficient.

  7. When they say ok we will drop to 35%, he forgets about the fact they were willing to come down to 30% if he hits targets, so he should have said ok 17.5% initially, but 12.5% or 15% if he hits the targets. No wonder they were happy enough with doing it as the deal was potentially better for them than what they had just offered despite them seemingly coming down. All well and good continuing to negotiate, but it was an oversight to let them off the hook of reducing their stake if they did well.

  8. Why is Peter always such a dick about people not wanting to legally break their non disclosure agreements?

  9. This app only compares prices in your area NOT physically driving you. An example would be Travago. That app compares prices for hotel rooms. This is how it works, but of course, for taxi's.

  10. "Time will tell which offer was the best" .. well given your company tanked , the answer is neither mate

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